▷ Why choose a content strategy? 2020 -

Used in all sauces, the content marketing or content marketing is on the rise more than ever. Relatively essential in the digital age, what exactly is this marketing and how can it boost the turnover of companies regardless of their structure? This is what we are going to see now !

Marketing says traditional vs content marketing

The traditional marketing puts the message at the heart of its process, message that it is necessary to spread and this by several means. We can for example quote phoning, TV or radio ads, leaflets or even newspaper ads.

Problem, beyond the fact that this marketing is expensive, it only allows not a precise segmentation of your target and can therefore be perceived as intrusive. You may well spend a lot and ultimately not much.

Fortunately, there is another marketing: content marketing!

At its heart, you can imagine the content. Far from being unique, this content can take many forms: articles, blog posts, infographics for the most common.

Content marketing acts like a magnet and will naturally attract your prospects to you when they browse the web.

Attention, to be relevant, it is necessary to establish a coherent and measurable content marketing strategy in the short, medium and long term.

Establish a content strategy

First of all it is necessary to know your target. Who are your products / services for? To an individual, professional audience? What age group, geographic area, level and lifestyle? The more precise your knowledge, the more effective you will be.

Then you will need create content adapted to your target, understand made-to-measure, no way to recycle your competitors’ items it would not make sense. Once created, your content will need to be optimized for search engines then broadcast.

Finally, it is relevant to insert a call to action button. This button can for example encourage your target to subscribe to your newsletter, to call you or to make a purchase.

Remember, studies show that we are all web-aware, on average we spend 18 hours a week. These 6pm are so many opportunities for your business capture the attention of your prospects through your blog, your newsletter, your site of course, but also your social networks.

To conclude, the content marketing is a strategic approach with several objectives, namely: strengthening your brand image and notoriety, obtaining and qualifying prospects, supporting and developing your clientele. And all this for a single objective: the development of your turnover !