The digital world is a rather unique ecosystem in which everything evolves 100 times faster than in our daily life, already quite confusing already! Actors, trends, methods … everything that makes up this universe mutates at an astonishing speed. Fanned by each person’s innovative aspirations, the winds of the web are blowing relentlessly, tearing away the disruptive concepts of the day before to make room for those of the same morning … If this tumultuous atmosphere can be exhilarating for those who like to think ” the wind ”, however, care must be taken to lay some foundations. These will help to resist the next gusts and, perhaps even more, to learn to deal with them.

The experience gained

“Knowledge is acquired through experience, everything else is just information. »Albert Einstein

You can certainly proclaim yourself an “SEO expert” overnight, thanks to a slogan and a white paper proud of his most beautiful infographics, but, as Albert says so well, the experience has irreplaceable virtues. Even in a sector as fast as digital? Especially in a sector as dynamic as digital! All industries are now affected by their digital representation, a diversity that an SEO agency must know how to respond to. Faced with such a need for eclecticism, expert support is only possible thanks to the many years dedicated to accumulating data and developing skills according to the multitude of client cases.

Founded 20 years ago following Google, 1time Position has been able to strengthen its experience across more than 150 business sectors. The result is an experience that offers a resolutely sectoral approach to its files, based on real expertise in SEO auditing, but also to be certified Google Partner Premium, a good proof of confidence and recognition on the part from the search engine to 2 “o”.

Ethics advocated

A 20-year love story with Google … without the slightest penknife in the marriage contract! 20 years in which 1time Position has never been rebuked once for any black hat or other SEO practices. An exemplarity over time, reflecting the high ethical requirements promoted and adopted by the agency. An example that is generally shared by historical SEO agencies which have integrated the fact that, in the digital world, sustainability can only rhyme with honesty.

For an experienced SEO agency, this mutual respect established with Google is not only intended to proudly wave its exemplarity like a white flag, but rather to be able to cultivate a resolutely transparent relationship with its customers as to the methods used. The converse is unfortunately just as verifiable. It is because they are based on practices that are as experimental as they are dubious (although very effective in the short term), that inexperienced Google SEO agencies (sometimes more naive than malicious) force the trait of technicality towards their customers. in order to cloud their methods. Maintaining customers in a certain ignorance allows them to suggest questionable solutions, such as an SEO strategy that seeks only to outrageously charm the robots of search engines. What does it matter, if the results are there, would you say? The stakes are high, however, because Google penalties are never far away, and in this little game the patrol always ends up catching up with the clever ones. Most sites never recover, relegated to the meanders of forgotten Google pages. An outright kill for an e-commerce site, for example.

The built organization

The objective of this article is not to fuel a simplistic opposition between the latest arrivals in the digital age and its pioneers, reducing it implicitly to another opposition confronting opportunism and wisdom. The idea is rather to highlight the fact that those who manage to last and develop in SEO are structures which, no matter how old, have adopted certain values ​​which cannot be ignored in this area: ethics, competence and organization.

This is particularly felt in corporate communication, where the young startup will rely on a very marked “concept-com” identity with a chiaded visual, hyperstylized logo and resolutely packaged offer; when the experienced agency puts more emphasis on its corporate culture, promoting its values ​​of ethics, transparency, customer education and the tailor-made dimension of its offer.

On the process side, young companies and freelancers will treat their files exclusively through its technical angle, when the most experienced will rely on their structuring in poles giving pride of place to transversal strategies.

Somewhat experienced agencies often have the dimension necessary for the coexistence of different poles, generating specialization and professionalization of the various trades involved in SEO. Each expertise therefore has every opportunity to be extensively studied, in particular through regular training cycles. SEO involves such a wealth of expertise; the flexibility of the profiles advanced by some often conceals difficulties in recruiting real experts in each profession.

Within agency 1time Position, the different components of SEO are thus embodied by three poles serving so many skills: an SEO pole, a creative pole and an editorial pole dedicated to writing content. The latter also deals with 100% of the agency’s content needs, when many freelancers and inexperienced agencies subcontract a considerable part of it or are forced to raise legions of interns.

The tailor-made offer

The fact of internalizing all of its resources, of structuring its organization in poles and of relying on its experience and its ethics, has for the experienced agency one and the same purpose: to offer its clients a tailor-made SEO offer .

Some prefer, for lack of experience, packaged offers applicable without distinction to the customer’s need and his field of activity; bet everything, for lack of ethics, on short-term, suicidal long-term visions; limit, for lack of resources, the potential of their production (for example its UX side that only a created pole can develop). Others, on the contrary, aim to provide the most suitable offer, the personalization of projects, for the small independent client as well as for the recognized multinational. Packaged offer and personalized offer are opposed here as one would oppose ready-to-wear and tailor-made, standardized and “homemade”.

Each element is considered in supporting the customer in his digital transformation, from the study of competition to strategic audit through sectoral analysis (especially proven through previous customer cases). An important dimension of this support concerns its evolving nature, its roadmap proving to be constantly updated according to the changes in each of the elements mentioned.

For an experienced SEO agency, like 1time Position, this is expressed by quarterly strategic audits and recommendations updated every year; this is also reflected in the adoption of a “test and learn” logic, encouraging experts to constantly experiment with new methods; this finally translates into a permanent watch for the latest updates to the Google algorithm in order to guarantee ever more efficient referencing methods.

… ..

As we mentioned in the opening words of this article, the digital world has its own physical laws, which are particularly significant in the regions of SEO: entities age faster, codes change more quickly, penalties punish more harshly (a genre for life in prison, if you will). Two leitmotifs to survive there: permanent adaptation backed by the regular consolidation of its foundations. The key ? First capitalize on strong values, then on his experience gleaned over the years.

Experience is indeed a resource with unique virtues: it offers to register in the moment, escaping its pitfalls but constantly nourishing itself with its innovations. Precisely what natural referencing requires.

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Article written in collaboration with 1st Position