Your visitors will forget 90% of your content 48 hours later
have viewed it. They will not remember what marked them most. This
that they remember is completely random. Too bad for you. Because if
your users remembered you better, they might have
preferred your services or products to
those of your competitors…What if the problem was not yours? If what
was holding you back, it was the techniques you use to create
your content? Imagine that being authentic is enough to attract
the right people, the customers who choose you you, for the message you are broadcasting…

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I believe it is possible.

And maybe at the end of this article, you will believe it too.

What is classic web marketing?

What I call traditional web marketing are all the known methods that everyone is talking about to promote a website: content production, sharing on social networks

With it, the objective displayed is simple: sell a
product or service. Even if some content is intended
to draw public attention to the universe of the brand, few are those
really put the emphasis on brand or freelance values.

Why ? Because everything has to go fast. As
as a content creator for over a year, I’ve found that clients who
contact are often in a hurry. Eager to find the best
freelance at the best price. Eager to receive a quote. Eager to see the
work to start and, obviously, in a hurry to receive the contents in

Ok. Read the previous paragraph again and find me the 2 big mistakes which make that if you also do them, you will never have the best content on your site. Go ahead, I’m waiting for you here.

Or rather, in the second part of this article.

Why don’t these methods help you?

So these two big mistakes?

The first is to be impatient to find the
best freelance at the best price. What does that mean, the best
rate ? The best rate for whom? And for what job?

What does that mean: the lowest fare.

For whom: for companies.

For what job: the one that is done the most
as quickly as possible, at the lowest possible price.

The second is to be in a hurry to receive a quote. It would be better to allow freelance time to understand your challenges, and to cross-check them with their skills, to provide you with a tailor-made service. But this point follows naturally from the first.

Why are these two errors errors, rather than
proof of reliability? Because the best rates have never
guaranteed the best performance. They don’t necessarily have the worst either,
but in general, higher rates are evidence of experience,
skills, proven successes or a very specific vision of the profession.
And sometimes all these peculiarities add up!

If you are looking for creators of content at the best price and you can lower the prices of your service provider, keep in mind that you are forcing a freelancer to sell off. In other words, you oblige a professional to provide the same work for a lower price. Would you, yourself, be as productive if your employer cut your wages? It will be the same for your freelance: not to be (too) losing, he will necessarily sacrifice an aspect of his work.

What strategy do you really need?

The content strategy takes time. It costs
money, even if it pays off in the long run. You have to create and share
informative articles, and do it on a regular basis. Often this
work is carried out by people outside the structure, who do not have
not necessarily in mind the whole story or the whole vision of the brand.

Whether you share e-books, guides, case studies, photos with your audience, you have to be able to attract the right people. And these people, you can only meet them while being authentic. By simply doing like everyone else, you simply attract people who might as well have gone to look elsewhere, but who chose you. Find out why … Your lower rates, perhaps.

What your site needs is to train your visitors
to discover your universe. Better from your values. By highlighting
your peculiarities, your humor, your story, the failures you have
known or what matters to you, you will attract people who will have the
same humor or the same values. You will “match”, as they say
dating apps! More inclined to trust you,
they’ll more easily buy.

And if the opportunity arises, they will transform
of themselves as true ambassadors of your brand.

Because it does not take into account the personality of the individuals who are behind the brand, classic web marketing inevitably leaves companies on the side of the road. Not all brands can fit into the mold. It is completely impossible that all of them were born from the same desire, had the same creative journey or that the people who carry them have the same vision of the world.

How to send a commercial message when you are creative? How do you think about the requirements of search engines when you just create a product that can change the lives of thousands of people around the world? How to make the most of what makes sense when we hear of methods with “acronym names” more English than each other (SWOT, SMART, …)? How could all these people promote their site with the same methods and the same efficiency?

Which cardboard brand has already understood this?

I do not drink alcohol. And yet, this is the example of a
brand of liquor I’m going to give you. I hope you enjoy the
total self-denial which I show for the sake of your business!

Since 2006, Rémy Cointreau (family group on the market
since 1724, at the head of a portfolio of exceptional spirits and at the
international reputation) favored the development of three of its brands.
Four years later, here he is relaunching an alcohol that (almost) no one
knows. Weird weird. The alcohol is called Izarra, he is Basque and he doesn’t
don’t hide it.

In the Basque Country, this alcohol has already won more than one heart. The
family group manager reintroduces the company’s HQ in the heart of Bayonne.
The historic premises of the liqueur brand are just opposite. “An extinct brand cannot find its
essence that by going back into its history, assures Géraldine Michel,
professor of marketing at Paris-I University. Recovery cannot work
only if the brand sincerely reconnects with its roots. ”

Leaving his region, Izarra “quenches his thirst” at
present around 300 prestigious establishments throughout the country and in a
hundreds of others.

What does this example show us, even if it is not
Web marketing ? That traditional marketing has not worked at all
for this brand. And that she finally made herself known by reconnecting with her
identity, with what was an integral part of its history.

With the methods
advantage, you don’t take any risks. Their results
have already been proven, you just have to replicate what has already worked.
Except that by doing so, your chances of standing out are pretty slim. Your
brand is unique. If you are independent, you are unique. And to do
click on internet users who will have a unique relationship with your brand,
you need a unique communication!