Do you know community management? No ? Take a box of tissues and sit on a bench …

You have 2 options. Blue pill : forget the Internet, have a good cry and go and open a store in real life (to sell organic vegetables if you can: I think we really eat anything these days …). Red pill : pedal very very quickly to catch up with the rabbit who fell into the hole of the social web.

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Red pill? Ok, but keep tissues nearby anyway, you never know.

How a big black and white animal just worked your rabbit and what it means for the ankles of community managers

Panda who eats a rabbit

In fact, the community manager, we don’t care. In the beginning anyway. Because social unrest is useless if it is agitated in a vacuum. What really matters is the content. And that’s thank you Panda (you thought you were chasing a rabbit?). But not the content of granny (that of 2 years ago). No no. The real good content that stains. One that requires a little effort to write, research, style, and if possible intuition. Content that is fun to read, that makes you smart and breathes good.

Because to exist on the web, we now all need a nice big panda in his cottage. And the animal is a little beefy, you see. Kind who eats his ration of fresh bamboo every 2 hours.

Then as there are no real bamboos on the webmust find an equivalent. And the equivalent is the real good content that stains! That’s it, you understood the trick. Better to repeat things to make them clearer.

Well. The clocks are reset. The content is content. But then, why this title on community managers like Titanic standing on the bow? Should not be taken to take readers for penguins!

Don’t get mad, I’m coming.

What is this puddle there? Oh nothing, it’s great content that hasn’t met a community manager

Have you written sublime content? And are you happy? Tired of effort but happy? That’s all ? Ok, take a handkerchief and sit on the intro bench. Punished.

Writing is just the beginning. Because you write to be read. And to be read, you have to communicate. And since Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey have squatted the web a bit in recent years (I’m not talking about Google because Google is not a squatter but rather a landlord), communication has taken this new name: social (e).

The social web is Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and probably lots of other similar but much more confidential toys (I’m not talking about LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram because I’m laughable). And communicating on these media is both a real new adventure for everyone, and an extraordinary way to disseminate news, teasing, buzz, links. In short, everything that drives the big black and white furry animal mentioned above crazy (it’s coded: don’t you think you think you are on a Chinese site?).

No social web, no chocolate!

src=”▷-Why-community-managers-will-conquer-the-web-2020.jpg” sizes=”(max-width: 311px) 100vw, 311px” srcset=” social-pas-de-chocolat-v3-450×356.jpg 450w, -v3-300×238.jpg 300w, 595w ” alt=”No social web, no chocolate ” width=” 311 ” height=” 246 ” />Your sublime content is not going to take off from your page. It will probably be praised by your mom, but for the glory and the referencing, will have to wait a long time.

So roll up your sleeves and go tap on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I know, it’s not easy. You have to make friends, fans, followers, widen your circles, there’s a whole obscene vocabulary to understand, and the walk to get into it looks really high.

You know what. You are right. Me, I find it super complicated and difficult the social web under its small air “we are open to everyone, come to my house”. So this is it. This is where the thing that was under the rabbit that was eaten by the panda is revealed in all its splendor.

Oh, a community manager! I was looking for one!

Don’t do yourself (wrong) what you can get a community manager to do

src=”▷-Why-community-managers-will-conquer-the-web-2020.jpg” sizes=” (max-width: 336px) 100vw, 336px” srcset=”élassement-community-manager-v2.jpg 415w,élassement-community-manager-v2-300×258.jpg 300w ” alt=”Community manager at cool ” width=” 336 ” height=” 289 ” />These little beasts (I’m talking about community managers) are really very strong. They spend a lot of time doing nothing while lounging on social networks, to tell short stories that are not necessarily interesting, but often funny anyway, and steal good content from others. And all that generally to sell cabbage, carrots, cheap car insurance, or a mutual health comparator … Great, that’s exactly what you need!

And yes, as for the press relations officers of yesteryear (those of grandma’s content), the community manager, is a craftsman with his own tools. So to do it well, you need a pro. Do it yourself, you will quickly realize.

The community manager is your new SEO. He is the one who holds the keys for quality content to fly into the SERP. And the grail is of course having a very good writer with a community manager. The qualities required are unfortunately not easy to combine in one person …

Basic distinctions between Facebook, Twitter and Google+

A community manager is able to approach each social network with a differentiated approach. Because, one should not believe that one dialogs on each of its platforms in a uniform way. Not at all !

So let’s distinguish:

  • Facebook to play : initially with a “friendly” vocation, he kept the taste for it, even for professional pages. So interactions are better to keep a playful side. Hence the proliferation of games and visuals;
  • Twitter to influence : main constraint of the place, the 140 characters. And brevity here means relevance. So, credibility, usefulness, humor. In short, you must become relevant. And to become relevant is to gain influence;
  • Google+ for the future : the latest of the big networks, it is still looking for a bit, and its use (I’m not talking about the number of users, but the intensity of participation) is still relatively confidential. Difficult therefore to categorize it for the moment. But the sooner you get there, the better it will be if it really takes off.

This is only the surface of the iceberg of course, but it gives you a taste of the intricacies to handle when looking for optimal use of each of these social networks.

So, do you see the community manager better now?

Community manager web master

To finish on the conquest of the web, I summarize:

  • Content has recently become the center of the web (when I write web, it should read “SEO”);
  • The social web has turned into a particle cyclotron for content: the best way to disseminate it as quickly and as widely as possible;
  • Cyclotrons, as all physicists know, is very complicated;
  • The new scientists who have fun with these big toys are called community managers;
  • Get into physics quickly!

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