▷ Why did I leave the infopreneuriat ecosystem? -

I had already told you about web clones, these entrepreneurs whose profiles seem totally identical to me. In my sector of activity, which is coaching, it grows like mushrooms, all with more attractive value propositions than the others. And I’m not saying that my punchline stands out …

On the other hand, I try to adopt a more sensitive, vulnerable communication which resembles me. This is also why I moved away from the infopreneuriat ecosystem.

Trainer training

I do indeed feel out of step, and for several reasons:

I am not comfortable with magic recipes that sell ready-made solutions to complex problems

A business strategy without taking into account the mindset of the supported entrepreneur is totally futile.

When I myself had been accompanied by other so-called “more advanced” infopreneurs and I told them about my alignment problems, I found myself facing a wall: yes, when we go out of boxes, some coaches find themselves helpless and cannot help you (the best is however when they recognize it quickly).

I am not comfortable with this smooth and flawless communication. Let’s say it frankly: it smacks of scam. Beyond the well-crafted posts, mailings calculated to the word, the content is often hollow, for advanced entrepreneurs: we give some surface advice so that the customer (you or me) is frustrated and buys to find out more. Except that if I do not perceive any value in the content that I consult, there is no chance that I will trust the expertise that is subsequently offered to me.

I miss the content seen and reviewed everywhere

The subjects of the content themselves are also identical, and I feel like I’m going around in circles looking at my Instagram feed. Yes, because it is impossible to stand out from the crowd if you don’t get a little wet!

Finding customers, setting your prices, doubling your turnover, being creative, knowing how to manage your time, developing your mailing list, creating an irresistible offer… all these subjects have already been covered thousands of times.

So of course, these are essential topics in entrepreneurship (especially for beginners), but the answers provided are often very theoretical, as if we were driving on a highway.

I don’t like the inter-self

For me, the richness of an entrepreneur lies in working with different environments to develop his creativity and be nourished by this diversity.

  • Entre-soi is when rich people eat caviar together;
  • Entre-soi is when the entire showbizz clique ends up on a TV set;
  • Entre-soi is when all the digital nomads splash around in the Selina swimming pool;
  • Entre-soi is when all the infopreneurs interview each other.

So of course, socializing can be pleasant, reassuring and beneficial to a certain extent. No one should live in total autarky, far from their ecosystem.

I myself have published in famous infopreneuriat media such as: Frenchweb, Maddyness, Marketing & Com, etc.

And I will continue to do so, because in addition to being qualitative media, they allow me to convey my ideas and my way of conceiving entrepreneurship to a wider audience.

But opening up to other ecosystems allows you to consider new avenues of reflection, develop your own experience and uniqueness, and above all, make yourself more accessible.

My creativity finds its limits only in contact with this “inspiring” ecosystem

I have unsubscribed from a number of newsletters and accounts from these infopreneurs.

But not of all, by forgetting.

I find myself skimming over content that seems to me to be the same for 3 years.

My brain now identifies the structure of these contents even before reading the substance. So I automatically know that someone will try to sell me a product after telling me a story.

And I understand the process! But that’s not what will make me buy. Today, I buy because I am inspired by a life course, by courage or a certain vulnerability in an entrepreneur.

Not because it’s Black Friday and there’s a get rich training promo galore 😉

Joking aside, I think it is essential to diversify your sources of inspiration when you start a business, or quite simply when you consult content.

For my part, I have on my Instagram feed:

  • Content related to nutrition / health topics;
  • Content related to the places I like (destination / restaurant / cultural place);
  • Esoteric content related to spirituality and personal development;
  • “Engaged” content on current events;
  • Content related to the life of entrepreneurs who inspire me to know the “backstages” of this dream life 😉

Here are the 4 reasons that pushed me to move away from the infopreneuriat ecosystem. Today, I support entrepreneurs who do not find themselves in this environment and who wish to undertake differently, while remaining authentic. If this is your case, we can talk about it face to face 🙂