▷ Why do Influencers turn away from brands? 2020 -

The emergence and above all the recognition of Influencers has shaken up the codes of Marketing, Advertising and Communication. But for some time now, these ambassadors of a new genre have decided to disregard brands and com operations. Decryption …

The marketing influence glossary

Marketing influence glossaryAre you planning to launch a marketing influence campaign? How to create the conditions of trust and success between the brand, its partner, and influencers? Speaking the same language! It’s exactly for this reason that we set out to create this Marketing Influence Glossary. From the “influencer capsule collection” to the “fit influencer” to “KPI”, discover more than 50 definitions around this powerful communication lever.

An Influencer is not a second-rate communicator

The most classic mistake made by big and small brands is to underestimate influencers. To know how to address yourself, and how to work with an Instagrammer, YouTuber, Blogger … you must first understand your work and recognize it for its true value.

No, an Influencer does not consider themselves “happy to have been chosen to receive a product”.

A partnership must be established with respect for each party, brands need to realize that an Influencer is a professional. He invests his time, his skills, and takes advantage of his visibility to promote a product, a brand, an event. In other words, he does a real job of communication! Won’t you think of paying for your com box with face creams?

Lack of respect and consideration can cost your brand to be blacklisted, not just by the person you contacted. Too often repeated, this error led to a weariness on the part of Influencers who are becoming more and more selective with regard to their partnerships.

An influencer has an editorial line

Not only are Influencers not second-class communicators, they have a real impact on the community they lead. The success of their activity is based on the trust placed in them by their followers.

With the interest generated in recent years by their activity, Influencers are in the spotlight. The media produce reports, even investigate their lifestyle and their income. It is therefore essential for them, now more than ever, to prove to their community that they have real added value.

This goes through the respect for their editorial line ! Young and old, subscribers are far from stupid. They know the person they are following, or at least the image it conveys. Promoting a product that has nothing to do with its values ​​often results in the loss of part of its community. No wonder, under these conditions, that Influencers think twice before accepting a partnership!

In their euphoria and haste, brands often forget to take this essential criterion into account. Before proposing a partnership, it is mandatory to do research on the Influencer to whom we want to address. Contacting someone who has nothing to do with your brand will be detrimental to you and to them!

An influencer is above all a passionate

Influencers with the greatest number of followers and the most engaging communities are those who are above all passionate about their profession. With this in mind, if their work becomes more of a chore than a pleasure, there is a good chance that they will decide to make radical changes.

This is the case of many YouTuber and Beauty Bloggers who, tired of the tons of products received each day at their home, have simply decided to refuse them in their entirety. Again, brands have their share of responsibility. Sending bulk creams, make-up, without first inquiring about the person’s preferences, or having contacted them, is a beginner’s mistake.

How to reverse the trend?

Find out, find the Influencer who can wear your colors best. Focus on quality over quantity, and send personalized messages, showing that you know the world of this person. Be human, attentive, and above all: offer your products, instead of imposing them!

The current situation can prove to be a real opportunity for brands that can seize it. Influencers are more than ever receptive and sensitive to those who will show them the respect they deserve. It’s up to you to take the opportunity to do things according to the rules, and win the sympathy of your new ambassadors.