▷ Why do you have to self-publish your book as a marketer? 2020 -

As a marketer, self-publish a book can be a very big asset. Indeed, your prospects will think that you have used a publishing house and that you are therefore very competent and serious. We’ll actually see how easy it is to self-edit a book and play on this effect for improve your marketing...


Why you should self-publish a book?

As I said before, self-publishing a book will give you expert status. Your visitors, by going to your blog, will see that you have written a book and will say to themselves this: “If the creator of this blog wrote a book, it was because an editor trusted him. So he does serious work, I will buy his product without hesitation! “. If you write erotica or romance, then self-publishing might be of your choice. Selling erotic novels tends to have a different strategy, for example, you should choose a female or unisex pseudonym as the majority of readers are female and they prefer female erotica writers. You can checkout Virtual Side Hustle or similar sources to learn more about marketing and selling erotica online.

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Many entrepreneurs suffer credibility issues. Self-publishing a book is going to be the perfect solution to overcome this problem.

Let’s see now how to self-publish a book in 5 steps. You will see that it is not very complicated!

First step: write your book

The first logical step is to write your book. This is often where the problem arises: do I take time to write a book. Is it worth it? For that, I cannot answer you. It’s for you to see.

Now, if your answer is ” yes i will self-edit a book“, Then it’s time to get started and write your book at your own pace using simple word processing software.

PS. : Do not forget to write a quality book!

Second step: the layout

Once you’ve written your book in a big block with your titles and your text, it’s going to have to be laid out.

For this you can:

  • Do it yourself, but again, do it well;
  • Or have it done by a graphic designer.

Anyway, it is in this step that you will lay out your book so that it is pleasant to read: setting margins, graphic charter, titles, drawings, spacing, etc.

Third step: administrative formalities

If you want to self-edit your book, you will have to go through this administrative box. Don’t worry, nothing very complicated. There are just two things to do.

1. Complete a self-publishing form

The first step will be to complete a self-publishing form with the AFNIL (French-speaking Agency for the International Numbering of the Book) in order to obtain an ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

The ISBN number is a number present on the bar code of each book in order to identify it.

There is also a different ISBN number for each format and each distribution channel of the book. For example :

  • An ISBN for the paper book of your site;
  • An ISBN for the digital version (ebook) of your site;
  • An ISBN for the Amazon paper version;
  • An ISBN for the digital version (Amazon ebook).

To receive these numbers, you simply need to send the completed form by email and you will get a response within three weeks (usually less than a week).

2. Complete a CERFA declaration of deposit

The second formality to be completed is to complete a CERFA declaration of deposit with the National Library of England.

You then simply print three copies of CERFA that you send to the National Library of England with two or three copies of your book (depending on the number of copies you want to print).

A CERFA copy will then be returned to you with your deposit number.

Fourth step: print your book

There are several ways to print your book.

You can for example choose to publish it in ebook format on Amazon. Then use their “print on demand” tool which consists of printing a paper book for each paper order and sending it directly to the customer (but you will not get a large share of the sale).

To use the Amazon method, see this article.

Otherwise, you can print your books yourself using a printing press. As a result, you will have much more room, but you will need to print a number of copies at once and send them yourself (economy of scale).

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, I recommend my article on self-publishing to learn more about each of them.

Step five: market and send your books

Finally, the last step is to receive and then market your books.

For this step, it’s again up to you to choose the solution that suits you best.

If you’ve been through Amazon, there’s nothing to do.

If you have printed your books yourself, you will have to send them by post or delegate them.

Again, there are several methods that have all their advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that suits you best.

So much for self-publishing a book ! Personally, I have a technique that I like quite well in marketing. It consists of squarely offer his book in exchange for the simple payment of shipping costs. Of course, you will not earn money, but you will be able to sell more expensive products, be talked about or even collect emails! 🙂