▷ Why does the web editor also have to be creative? 2020 -

At all times, the web editor must be able to prove his perfect knowledge of syntax, his total mastery of SEO techniques, his in-depth knowledge of the world of the Web… But he must also constantly be creative to guarantee texts, that will stand out…

Web writing, writing commissioned by… the clients themselves!

Find keywords remains one of the tasks that is not always entrusted to the web editor. This research can sometimes be the responsibility of the marketing department or a SEO expert. In all cases, the web editor will have to optimize these writings in relation to these keywords. We must not lose sight of the fact that these represent nothing less than the expectations of… readers.

Indeed, keywords are chosen according to their popularity, their relevance or their competitive level. But they always concretize what Internet users want. They are the ones who type them into the search bars of Google and its competitors. The web editor must therefore write a text dealing with these issues, and we can thus, taking the reasoning to the extreme, identify these customers as the principals.

Informed readers in search of writings not found elsewhere!

Since the web editor masters spelling as he excels in the application of the rules of natural referencing, it manages to optimize the visibility of the texts and therefore of the site concerned. However, does it manage to satisfy the expectations of readers? By writing on the most popular queries related to the activity of the site, for which he is responsible, the web editor faces competition fromother SEO writing specialists, who work for competing sites in particular.

In the end, many texts will be written around the same keywords. Why would readers prefer this one over another? Since each web editor will have successfully completed his documentation work, verified his information, collected reliable sources, etc., the content will be, to a large extent, comparable (and not similar, otherwise he will fall under the rules of Duplicate Content) from one text to another.

The web editor, a creative at the service of content production

For effective web writing, creativity to the aid of SEO
From a blank sheet, the creativity of the web editor …

We will therefore have to differentiate ourselves and succeed in making an impression. This can be done by the content on the one hand, by daring openings on other themes, by linking subjects in theory unrelated, by proposing a new approach, by revealing a scoop (the editor can also be trained to to be a web reporter) …

But this differentiation can also be done by the form, using an offbeat or humorous tone for example, or by writing the text according to an original angle (for example, the diary of a burglar to talk about security locks rather than write a traditional commercial text for a locksmith site).

This ability to differentiate, to stand out remains, in our opinion, as important as the content itself, making the web editor a professional of words, but also a creative.

And you, what place do you give to originality, to differentiation in your web writing projects?