▷ Why is containment a CHANCE for ENTREPRENEURS? -

EIGHT. As of this writing, this is the number of days that you, me, and all French people are confined to the house. Maybe by the time you read it, it’s already been 15 days. Even 30… Even more than two months that we are confined. The thing ? We don’t know.

The situation is serious – and no one can be sure how long it will last.

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Therefore ?

Most French people are afraid.

And you know what…

I understand them.

I too was like that a few days ago.

Then AT A TIME, I took a step back …

I looked the situation in the face …

And I said to myself something crazy (but totally true in the end):

Containment is a (huge) chance for entrepreneurs.

You do not believe me ? Do you think I farted a cable?

That is your opinion. I too would have thought like you against a guy like me at the time.

But before I think about it… I think you should take a look at this video that I shot a few days ago:

What I’m talking about in this video is very simple:

At a time of confinement when everyone is trying to stack up as many distractions as possible so as not to be bored …

At a time when everyone is watching Netflix series in a loop …

At a time when Canal + and Pornhub have made their services free throughout the confinement period for all French people …

I offer you a radically different alternative.

What if, instead of trying to entertain yourself at all costs, you take advantage of this infinite time you have to BOSS more than ever?

And if, instead of eating Kinder Bueno and schokobon in front of The Walking Dead or Vikings…

Did you take the opportunity to create better content? Link a relationship of trust with your readers? Develop your business more than ever?

It’s a choice.

BE CAREFUL AGAINST: I don’t teach moral lessons.

It is quite possible to watch Netflix a little and work a little.

No worries about that.

But in this period of confinement, we will quickly see two camps being created and opposing each other:

  • Those who seek to be entertained as much as possible and by all means without necessarily feeling good at the end of the day…
  • And those who take advantage of this confinement to create something great, do not even see the past, and feel proud of them at the end of the day.

Personally, I chose my side – and that’s what I’m talking about in this video.

And you: which side do you choose?