▷ Why is content marketing a bomb? 2020 -

While online businesses see the ineffectiveness of mass mailing, complain that advertising is no longer working properly, and are aware that something is wrong, there is a technique that works well, but oh how much neglected: content marketing

Forget advertising, forget everything you did before, and get into content marketing.

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Content marketing is a bomb and you will find out why.

Content marketing is a marketing technique which consists in producing and distributing useful, relevant and adapted content to a specific target in order to solve its problem and its frustrations.

With reluctance from people to view advertising as manipulative and to telemarketing as disturbing, content marketing is thought out and focused on the human subject. His mission : provide answers to each other’s questions. And to tell you the truth, this is one of the only forms of marketing that still really works today.

If content marketing is a bomb, why are people not interested in it? Why is he shunned?

It’s because of misconceptions. Man perishes because of his beliefs and believes in things he has not even experienced, on the sole testimony of ignorant people.

Here are some of the most heard misconceptions

It’s for startups


Content marketing is suitable for all types of businesses, whether you are an SME, a large company, a freelancer, whether you offer products or services. For example, Hubspot, the company that publishes software solutions for online marketing, has only used content marketing since its creation around 2007. The lesson? This technique has earned it the multimillion dollar business it is today. So, advice to confirmed skeptics, inform yourself well before spreading falsehoods!

It’s for those on a big budget


Content marketing still makes sense even if you have few resources. So you will be spending money creating huge amounts of content where quality will be there. And instead of spending crazy amounts of money on advertising that your audience will hate, invest that in content that will be appreciated by your target audience. It will make you well.

Results are a long time coming

Tell me: Was Rome built in one year? Not at all. What causes the loss of man is his eagerness to want concrete results as soon as he has started something. The real success is in the medium term. This is why those who do not want to invest in content marketing say that it takes time to bring results. However, compared to advertising that produces immediate results and stops when the budget is finished, content marketing is for the medium and long term. Long after, the machine will still continue to run, even if you lower the publication rate.

It’s time consuming and painful

The argument goes everywhere. “I have no time”, “it is painful”, as if life itself was easy. Ok, imagine you don’t have time. But what prevents you from delegating its creation or management to other people? There are specialized platforms for that. Upwork, Hopwork and redacteur.com are the sites where you can find professionals to help you out. There is no reason to look for unwarranted alibis.

Why invest in content marketing?

Content marketing is revolutionary

It introduces a new paradigm: that of being interested in the customer for real. Content marketing is the only form of marketing that humanizes the links between seller and potential buyer.

Let’s take a closer look.

  • Before he asks, he gives:

In a selfish, greedy and stingy society, one in which the primacy of self and self-interest are placed above everything, content marketing breaks this logic. Its vocation is to give what the individual needs and it is after he seeks his personal profit.

  • It places the customer at the center of its actions :

All of its actions are for the sole purpose of seeking primary customer satisfaction. Content marketing is not like aggressive advertising.

Content marketing takes the opposite of traditional techniques

  • From intrusive, it becomes permissive:

Content marketing doesn’t disrupt the user experience, it doesn’t annoy the reader. On the contrary, it harmonizes with consumer habits and requires the user’s agreement to exist. Here, it is truly the reader who is ROI.

  • From transactional, it becomes relational:

Content marketing is not about selling always, all the time and by force. He doesn’t force the prospect, he doesn’t force his hand. On the contrary, it first establishes an exchange, establishes links and then creates a relationship where the client feels valued and understood, because his needs are considered.

  • Annoyingly, it becomes pleasant:

Unlike advertising that annoys the reader and prevents him from consuming content freely by bombarding him with ad pop-ups in his face, content marketing seeks to please, to seduce. Its objective is to activate the reader’s adhesion by his own consent without anything that forces him. This is why it differs from other forms of marketing techniques.

Its characteristics are just as beneficial

Unlike advertising that brings you immediate success and flatters your Ego, content marketing ensures you go long term. It is aimed at the future of your business. But with advertising, as soon as you stop enriching Google, it gives you nothing. Is that what you want for your business?

One of the cool things about content marketing is that it doesn’t require you to be a billionaire to run it. With a little investment, it allows you to get more visibility. Go ask how much Ad Adword campaigns cost, you will be cold in the back.

  • Adaptable in several forms:

With content marketing, you have a choice of formats to use and are not limited to one form. Your audience will appreciate that you put formats according to their preferences at their disposal. Articles, videos, podcasts, PDF guides, PowerPoint slides… you are free to choose what best suits your target.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

It brings traffic in the long term…

… compared to the ad whose traffic is artificial and where when you stop paying, everything stops.

Helps build audience loyalty

The more you produce good content, the more your audience comes back to you and your customers see you as the only person they need. Indeed, you show your commitment with the regularity of your content.

It helps to sell without breaking your head and without offending the customer

Here, the customer comes to you. The big part of your job has been to solve problems for free. As soon as he has more problems, he will naturally turn to you, because he sees in you the expert, the connoisseur.

It helps demonstrate your expertise

Ultimate guides, PowerPoint slides, podcasts. This is the best way to prove that you are the expert. This is what content marketing gives you, because when producing great, dazzling, mind-blowing content, readers are forced to say “wow!” “,” Amazing “as the Anglo-Saxons say.

It generates leads

These leads are the contacts of your prospects that you have collected (email, address, telephone). By using content marketing, people will come and give you their contact by themselves because they will need your content. Thus, the latter will become like a magnet which captures the visitors with their simple passage.


Engaging in content marketing means thinking about your business in the long term. Content marketing works and the businesses that use it so far have seen their business grow. There is therefore no longer any reason why you should not do it. And if with this article, you still remain skeptical about the potential of content marketing, I believe that there is nothing more for you to do.

So tell me one thing: what decision are you going to make today? Do you find content marketing useful to your business? I await your opinion in comments 🙂

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