More and more companies decide to set up in China, not to produce but to sell their products. Indeed, China has become the largest industrial power and the “new factory” in the world…

Above all, it is important to understand that China has more than a million factories, and rising labor costs are forcing manufacturers to equip themselves. The majority of buyers and managers in the industrial sector are young (under 30) and regularly use the Internet to find information and seek suppliers. Factories in China are never (or hardly ever) located in city centers and are often far from civilization. The staff, mainly working in factories, sleep in dormitories located near the production centers.

Most of their free time is spent on the web.

The industrial sector very present on Baidu

First, the industry in China is a very competitive industry. To capture buyers’ requests, Chinese subcontractors have made a habit of making themselves known on the web. The creation of a website is now mandatory and it must be hosted in China to facilitate navigation.

A study in 2011 showed that 95% of Chinese industrial buyers use the Internet as the first source to identify suppliers. The first searches are mainly done on Baidu, the dominant search engine in China, indeed the majority of Chinese managers do research on the web to retrieve information before making any business decision.

According to Fil Control, an electronic component manufacturer in the textile sector: “All manufacturers must succeed in optimizing their site on Baidu, leader in search engines in China with 70% of the market. Being present with its products on the Internet attracts the attention of decision-makers. A Textile Machine manufacturer looking for a Thread Cutter on Baidu will inevitably be influenced by the ranking of search engines, and arriving in the first positions only strengthens our leading position. ”

wire control industry China

Natural referencing in China must include a structure (site) adapted for Baidu, unique and relevant content, updates and above all links. See my old article on the subject

All of this will allow you to improve your visibility with your potential future customers and anchor yourself in the market in order to face your competitors.

Alibaba’s success

Alibaba is also a great source of information for Chinese people. This well-known site in China has the widest choice of suppliers in the world and represents a place which favors the buyer / seller relationship. Every day, $ 300 million in transactions are made.


Alibaba is a site that references in China and ranks companies using a very specific search engine. A targeted search provides a list of suppliers and a quick overview. At the same time, the chat system allows you to quickly interact with the exhibitor.

Many know how to use this site to buy but not necessarily to sell, where it becomes much more difficult. Alibaba’s pages are well listed on search engines and this means that you can be found not only through their site but also through conventional search engines. It therefore makes it possible to make oneself known in China, and in other countries.

Finally, Alibaba is mainly used for products with low added value, where prices are as low as possible. Be careful when using this platform, many people have been scammed with fake manufacturers. Alibaba tries to fight fake businesses, but the ease of registration and the lack of frequent monitoring allows scammers to surface in the first results of certain product pages.

What is the point of optimizing its visibility for an industrial society?

It is very common to hear that one does not understand the interest of having a marketing department within an industrial company. They are wrong ! BtoB marketing will help you improve the image of your company and your products, and then identify your customers.

In China, it is important to get the right message to the right person through the Chinese web. It is important (see vital) to control what people say about their business via the web, it is essential to fight against false websites that claim to sell your product …

It is also easy today to have a company video to present your technology, your factory, your projects … A video can be used to present an industrial company in an original way and to make it known on the web through ‘a web marketing strategy.

This method has a strong impact on the minds of customers and allows you to score points compared to your competitors.

The importance of Branding!

The Chinese love foreign technologies, imported equipment. They are of better quality and allow to show the modernity of their structures to their customers. They will sometimes buy very expensive equipment to enhance their value.

But beware … it’s not that easy. What I remind many industrial giants in China, “the dragon motionless in deep waters becomes prey to local shrimp” … In China, even the largest multinationals are sometimes eaten by local manufacturers.

Maybe they are the undisputed leaders in the world, but if no Chinese professional knows it, it’s useless. We must communicate and attack China as a market in its own right.

brand industry China web

CWT Advertising in the industrial sector is as important as in the tourism, luxury or even fashion sectors. Today, with the rise of the Internet and the decline in trade show traffic, businesses no longer have a choice and must force themselves to have an effective online marketing strategy.


To have Chinese customers, it is important for an SME or a large industrial group to have a presence on the Internet, because Chinese buyers begin their search on the net.

Natural referencing or SEO helps to increase the visibility of companies and helps attract requests. Alibaba is very powerful but rather suitable for products with low added value. Branding online is very important because it makes a difference with local players, while controlling your brand name on the web helps avoid problems.