If you are a recruiter, you have probably already been discouraged by the stack of CVs to study following a job offer … and if you are looking for a job what about the umpteenth CV sent hoping to stand out from the other candidates? The classic CV has had its day, the future is now in the interactive CV which has many advantages on both the recruiter and candidate sides. And good news, it’s not complicated to set up. Discover with us the advantages of the interactive CV in partnership with Seeqle…

What does Seeqle bring to recruitment?

Seeqle is a French startup launched last year, their goal is to disrupt recruitment, just that. And I must say that the service has everything you need to achieve this goal.

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In practice, the recruiter instead of requesting the sending of a classic CV will request a multimedia CV and will return to Seeqle thanks to a tracking number provided by the tool. The candidate is then invited to create your multimedia CV.

He’s gonna be able to :

  • Create a presentation video. Tools will be made available, including a prompter;
  • Answer a questionnaire that will help the recruiter to perceive his personality;
  • Highlight your skills and professional experiences interactively.

Once the applications have been received, Seeqle, thanks to its matching algorithm, will make a shortlist of applications that meet the company’s criteria.

A real time saver for the recruiter and for the candidate a way to stand out. The interactive CV once created can be used for its next applications. He can, in fact, apply for any job and stand out from other candidates thanks to an original CV.

Also note that the candidate is guided by a tutorial during the creation of his presentation video, which allows him to professionalize his speech.

To better understand, I invite you to go see this multimedia CV:

cv seeqle

You can also watch this video presentation of Seeqle:

The advantages of the Interactive CV


The interactive CV brings many advantages, if you are not yet convinced, here are a few …

1: Having applications showing more precisely the personality of the candidates

The video presentation allows you to see the candidate in situation, we better understand his personality. At the same time, the questionnaire provides even more information.

2: Facilitate the pre-selection of candidates

Sorting out when you receive a lot of applications can quickly be frustrating. The interactive CV allows you to quickly sort by certain criteria and the algorithm can even do the heavy lifting for you.

3: Test the linguistic level of a candidate even before the interview

Does the job require fluency in a foreign language? No problem, ask the candidate for a video presentation in this language and don’t waste any more time receiving candidates who overestimate their language skills. Example of a Seeqle CV in English.

4: Easily view the candidate’s career

The multimedia CV also allows you to better visualize the candidate’s career. Watch how the trainings and experiences are displayed, the screenshot speaks for itself:

timeline seeqle

5: have available a portfolio to find out more about the candidate

Interactive CVs allow you to add additional documents, whether they be creations or downloadable documents.

seeqle portfolio

6: Easily visualize the level of the candidate in different key skills

In the same way it is much easier to quickly visualize the skill level of the candidate on an interactive CV:

seeqle resume skills

7: Save time in the whole recruitment process

Whether for recruiters or candidates, the multimedia CV being much more representative of the candidate and sorting CVs much easier, we save a lot of time in the recruitment process.

Test Seeqle

To get your own idea, I encourage you if you are a recruiter to test Seeqle for your next recruitment, and if you are a candidate to create your multimedia CV to stand out in your job searches.

To do this, simply go to seeqle.com

You can also find Seeqle on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Viadéo, Instagram and Youtube!

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