Do you want to create your company’s website or update your site? I guess you expect good results with this new project. In this article, we will see the reasons that can prevent you from achieving a successful and efficient website…

If the notion of success for a website is specific to the needs of the business and the type of website (showcase site, blog or e-commerce), we have listed several common errors that can turn your project into failure.

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You have no goal

Whether your website represents your business or whether your business is a website, you have to have a purpose. Clearly define the objectives of your website in order to devote the resources necessary to achieve them.

Examples of goals for your website:

If you are hoping to build a successful Internet presence, be sure to spend enough time planning and defining what you want from your website.

A site without direction will go nowhere.

You have a bad positioning

Following the same logic as setting a goal, you need to know who you’re talking to. Who are you creating this site for? Many companies prefer to target a general message, but by reaching out to everyone, you end up not reaching anyone.

By focusing on a specific target audience and market, you can focus on the specific issues to be resolved and gain relevance with your audience.


  • Don’t make a web agency, make a web agency for real estate agents;
  • Do not be SEO consultant, be SEO consultant for startups.

You don’t share enough important content

To stand out and get traffic naturally, it’s important to create unique, high-quality content.

Creating a business blog is a great option for a content creation strategy. But as for the creation of your site, you will have to define objectives and invest a lot of time and money in the different necessary skills (SEO, Writing, Emailing).

But you can use other alternatives by publishing different formats (video, audio, news, tutorials, images) on different publishing platforms or by creating online tools to make your site valuable.

You don’t have a marketing strategy

Once you have defined your objectives, you must lead the marketing strategy or strategies that will lead your site to success.

Whether it’s creating content for natural SEO or creating advertising for the acquisition of paid prospects, try to have your action plan ready to be deployed before leaving your site.

You can directly adapt the design of your site with your marketing strategy (display in a slide the sales messages that work best in your pubs for example).

You are inactive

Update your content regularly. No need to write articles every day, but you can improve references, customer testimonials, new certifications obtained.

If your prospects visit a “Projects” page updated two years ago, do you really think that will encourage them to contact you?

To get your site moving, consider sending a newsletter to your customers to notify them of your updates. You will keep a small commercial animation with your old customers and you can also show them new ideas to buy.

You no longer have motivation

You have been motivated for several weeks to create the new site that will be perfect for your business. But like many people, once the creation phase is over, the motivation will drop like a puff.

Before starting your site, think about your plan of action to maintain it and above all, not to move on. Your site will gain importance and notoriety as you invest time and energy into it.

Do you feel like you are giving up? Check out the 20 ways to boost your energy in your work days.

You don’t have a call to action

Whether you want to collect emails, get link clicks, or share on social media, you need to place calls to action on your website.

Make sure visitors have the best possible choice to take action and get closer to your goal.

You use the wrong sales messages

You sell too much the drill and not enough the hole.

This expression is important when you are marketing.

The idea is simple. Do not just describe what you do, describe the benefits and the benefits that you will provide to your customers. Emphasize the return on investment and the benefits it will bring.

And as a picture is worth a thousand words, I share that of a user received on a forum.

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Your design does not inspire confidence

The appearance of your site constitutes the seriousness and the image of your business. Not to mention doing something very complex or sophisticated, take the time to learn how to use a few design tools to get a neat picture.

If you use WordPress, you can for example opt for theme builders like DIVI. They will allow you to obtain a quality design (with responsive navigation for better navigation on mobile) without having to touch a single line of code!

Be careful not to go all over the place. If you don’t have a talent for creation, keep it as simple as possible. Use templates to import into the above theme builders.

You forget the user experience

Try to build a website that meets web ergonomics standards. Your site will be created to broadcast a message to your visitors. Avoid wacky site design that could make it difficult to navigate your site, use Flash, or hard-to-read color codes.

Keep it simple. Make sure your site works well on different screen sizes.


Now you have all the weapons to create a successful site! Do you agree with the reasons given? What do you think ? Share your impressions and experiences by leaving a small comment!