▷ Why should you be interested in podcasting now? 2020 -

Why should you be interested in podcasting? For several reasons. In fact, the podcast is quite simply another way of spreading your unique message in the world (rather than with blogging or publications on social media for example) and in front of your target audience …

This is THE new way to create content

You must think that your podcast is a virtual megaphone. Are you growing your audience and subscribers on other platforms? Podcasting is no different. However, unlike social media, choosing to subscribe to a podcast is more like subscribing to an email newsletter or newletter.

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If your listeners choose to subscribe to your podcast, they receive specific notifications and downloads about your show. It is therefore highly unlikely that you will have to listen to a podcast on a subject that you do not like.

On the other hand, on social media like Twitter or Facebook, you never know when a person or message will talk about taxes, politics, religion or something else you don’t particularly like.

While podcasting has not yet reached its peak, it is becoming increasingly popular. It is an open field and gradually accessible to all that attracts a lot of attention. Besides, there are not only more and more listeners, but also podcast creators. And the subjects covered are very varied.

So, if you haven’t listened to it yet, a little Google search on a subject you are passionate about will allow you to discover several shows in this environment.

Why start your own podcast?

Some people start a podcast show because they have things to say. Different subjects and fields are tackled such as entrepreneurship, but also marketing, or sport for example.

Others, however, decide to use podcasting as a forum to share their views on topics that interest them. If you too feel that you have something to say, the podcast is one of the rare mediums where you can do it by expressing your emotions, and with tone.

As a person who does not write often enough, sometimes I know that the tone I am using and my emotions do not manifest as I would like in simple words that will appear on a screen.

On a podcast, this is very different. You can really let your emotions express, and your listeners will be able to hear and “consume” them.

Podcasting gives you the opportunity to reach an entire untapped segment of your target audience. It also allows you to create a deeper connection with it. From personal experience, I can confirm these two points.

So embarking on a new adventure is always a little worrying, but also very fun! The ability to produce and share a podcast is not as simple as starting a blog, but it’s not like installing IKEA furniture (little joke!).

Personally, I really enjoy creating a new podcast episode. I always feel a little something when I speak into a microphone, even after more than 100 episodes. It comes much more naturally to me than typing words on a page. So, long live podcasting!

For your part, do you already listen to podcasts or have you launched one? If so, don’t hesitate to share it with us and share the podcasting programs that appeal to you!