▷ Why should you create an online survey? 2020 -

CWT Advertising is a great tool that has made it possible for all businesses, regardless of size, to develop development and communication strategies that were completely inaccessible to them a few years ago. The downside, however, is that web marketing has also disconnected businesses from the experience of their users. This is why the online survey is so important.

Why are online surveys so important?

An online survey is nothing more than a few questions that your customers, users, employees or those who form your target audience will answer. As the survey is online, the responses will be automatically collected and centralized to give you easy access.

Thus, thanks to a well-conducted online survey which will have received many responses, you will be able to better understand and understand certain weak points of your approach. Of course, the ultimate goal of this whole process will then be to learn the necessary lessons from this survey to improve your service. In short, the online survey reconnects your web marketing approach with the reality of your customers.

How do I create an online survey?

To create your online survey, go to the most reputable site on the subject. In just a few clicks, you can write your survey and publish it on all your social networks. You can even easily integrate it into a newsletter so that it reaches the widest possible audience. However, the most difficult part of an online survey is really not the technical aspect.

Indeed, a site specialized in the matter allows you not to have to worry about the technical aspect. The hardest part will therefore be to properly write your survey so that it perfectly suits your needs.

So take the time to think about the questions you want to ask and remember to ask them so that they take the form of a funnel, that is, they define the profile of the respondent for allow you to sort the responses.

How to analyze the answers?

An online survey is a very powerful analytical tool, but only if you know how to analyze the answers it gives you. Indeed, if you botch the analysis of these answers, you will have set up this survey for nothing and you will not be able to get the improvements that your service needs.

Take the time to observe at length each of the data that has been transmitted to you using the different tools that are available to you. Do not rush to draw conclusions immediately and force yourself to consider the reverse of what seems obvious to you. This will prevent you from making big mistakes related to precipitation.