▷ Why transform your influencers into ambassadors? 2020 -

Quality VS quantity. A confrontation that will not stop making brands hesitate. Faced with this question, which is all the more topical in digital marketing, more and more brands are putting aside spontaneous campaigns with influencers. They now prefer to turn to more in-depth and long-term relationships, by transforming some of their influencers into true brand ambassadors …

Best practices of marketing influence

reech_v1How to identify the best influencers? How to structure the partnership? What remuneration should be defined? It is to answer these questions that Reech has written a guide to survival in this jungle of influence which lists the 12 best practices. Reech supports its customers by helping them bring out ambassadors and generate conversations and visibility around the products or services of a brand.

Moving from a one-off relationship to a more lasting relationship, what are the advantages?

The first point: the fight against influencers devoid of professional sense and rather focused on fraud and face-to-face. We are therefore talking about the category of influencers who pay for subscriptions, likes, comments, which in short clearly buy their social activity and thus sow trouble on the really relevant accounts and those which are absolutely not.

in detail, these illusory influencers strongly favor
spontaneous collaborations and “one shot” because it brings them
guarantee not to take a risk having to justify their hearing and the
quality of their community over the long term. And especially the day when their
partner brands are starting to realize the deception and
lack of ROI from these collaborations.

the opposite, focus on lasting relationships with influencers (who
gradually become real ambassadors) allows to set up
a more authentic, legitimate content marketing strategy
credible. More concretely, these ambassadors push brands more
naturally and subtly, the results are therefore only more positive and
honest with their communities, and therefore yours.

It should not be forgotten, in terms of influence strategy, the two essential points of work are, and will remain, the honesty and authenticity of the actions and content implemented.

So the question is, which influencers make good ambassadors?

is never obvious but the factors and criteria to take into account are
numerous. The first thing to do is to step back and fix
clear objectives for the campaign or operation to be carried out. It consists
including clearly defining the targeting precisely, as well as the results
exact to achieve with such an influencer marketing strategy.

more, another determining element, it is important to define the tone and
the approach to the discourse that we target and that we would like to see in
ambassadors. But also the different KPIs to follow to measure the
relevance of each collaboration.

thinking deeply about these main points, the selection will not
that easier. Also, to reach the point mentioned above, to
each influencer selected it is important that their community and audience
are fully in line with the target audience.

Finally, we must above all remain alert to fraud. If we ever witness
huge growth in influencer subscribers in a span
reduced time, at a relatively low engagement rate compared to
the size of the community, or even monotonous social interactions,
empty, and without any customization, so we clearly know what