▷ Why work with a web agency? 2020 -

Today, anyone can very easily create a website. Very high quality tutorials are made available by professionals from all over the world, on subjects such as: developing a website, choosing a CMS, setting up a host, creating a web design, creating plugins, managing a database . This list is far from exhaustive …

Now, for example, it is possible to learn technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Symfony or JavaScript without necessarily having to go to school. You can also learn how to manage your databases with phpMyAdmin, create your first models in HTML and CSS, configure your WordPress plugins, etc.

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The internet revolution has democratized web technology and access to knowledge. So why work with a web agency?

1. Web agency – Time

Setting up a successful website will take you time. If you want to succeed, you will need to learn how to configure a web host, install a CMS, select the right plugins, customize the site through custom web development, put the site online, etc. It would therefore be better to devote a budget to the design of your site, unless you make it your full-time activity.

In the end, a serious web agency will have to consider as a priority the return on investment of the project that you want to set up. The provider you select should not be interested in your portfolio. However, he must strive to set up a project that will allow you to earn more money than you spent. This remains the best way for him to build customer loyalty. So that your project can succeed as you wish, do not hesitate to inquire about the multiple areas of interventiona web agency.

Many people wonder about the budget to be dedicated to a website. Many people also do not understand why they receive figures varying from simple to double – and sometimes even from simple to triple – in quotes sent to them by providers.

In reality, price differences are correlated to the amount of web development work that will need to be done on a website. The more web development there is, the higher the bill. To establish the true price of a website, we can establish the following ranges:

  • Up to 5,000 EUR: for websites powered by a CMS + Plugins;
  • Between 5,000 and 10,000 EUR: CMS + Plugins + Web development work;
  • From 10,000 EUR: almost exclusively web development work;
  • Above 15,000 EUR: web development work exclusively.

Obviously, these 4 categories are arbitrary. And many people will provide you with totally different orders of magnitude. Just remember that there are a thousand and one ways to build a website. If you receive delusional estimates, simply ask how the projects, which usually take place in the providers’ quotes, were made.

To avoid the off-topic, don’t hesitate to give details on your budget.

The vast majority of projects are less than EUR 5,000. In these cases, a CMS and plugins will do the trick. A CMS and plugins is nothing more than a set of files made by a community of developers. If your budget does not exceed 5,000 EUR, tell your provider so that they can draw up an estimate that remains in the nails.

If, on the other hand, you wish to invest large sums of money – and if you are lying about the true nature of your project – your service provider will move towards a budget of the CMS + plugins type, incompatible with your project. By giving indications on your budget, you will avoid that your service providers fall into the pitfall of placing your project in a category which is not at all yours.

2. Web agency – Traffic

The success of a website is very often the consequence of a very large influx of Internet users. Depending on the sector of activity, digital professionals estimate that more than 90% of Internet users will only visit your website.

Many of these same 90% arrive by mistake.

The most important is this segment of 10% of Internet users who will eventually perform some action on your site: navigation, request for information, purchase, sending an email, etc.

A website is a quartet made up of 4 elements:

  1. The audience: this is the total number of visitors;
  2. Leads: qualified Internet users who will browse your website by interest;
  3. Prospects: those who will contact you for information, to receive a quote, to make a possible purchase;
  4. Consumers: Internet users who will really buy your products.

At each stage, the total number of individuals decreases drastically. In the end, a very small group of Internet users will make a real purchase (2 to 3% on e-commerce sites, even if it depends on the industries).

It will be understood that the more the audience of your website, the more the number of potential buyers will increase proportionally, at equal conversion rate. You will not have a thousand and one ways to develop your turnover. In fact, you can develop your business through your website in 3 ways:

  1. Either by increasing traffic;
  2. Either by increasing the conversion rate from Internet users to consumers;
  3. Either by increasing both traffic and conversion rate.

This is where working with a web agency can pay off. The web agency you select will indeed help you build a digital ecosystem allowing you to increase the audience of your site, the different conversion rates as well as the number of buyers of your products.

Of course there are exceptions to this generality: the marketing of websites, consulting, the sale of apartments, large construction sites, many projects in BtoB, etc. In these cases, only a few sales will allow you to make large margins.

But in many situations, there will not be much going on on your website if you have not reached an important first level in terms of audience. So many website administrators end up ending their project without really understanding, faced with their disappointment, that in reality nothing had started.

This is where working with a web agency can make a difference: setting up an internet referencing strategy (to increase the number of visitors via organic search), a blog with quality articles to create a readership (and therefore an audience), landing pages perfectly designed to optimize conversion rates and develop sales of your products, etc.

3. Web agency – Conversion

At the same conversion rate, if you double your website traffic, you will be able to double the number of your consumers. But if you also double your visitor / buyer conversion rate, you can quadruple the total number of your consumers.

Make no mistake: the conversion rate is at the heart of your business model.

A serious web agency can help you optimize this conversion rate (CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization). A whole series of measures could indeed be put in place to lay the stones for a very profitable project.

Here are four examples:

– The loading time of your site

The Amazon company works for example on the CRO of its site using as milestone the thousandth of a second. Many tools allow today to test the loading time of a website (Dareboost, Pingdom, GTmetrix). A web agency will help you choose the appropriate web hosting to optimize the loading time of your website, compress your images, configure the modules of your site as necessary, etc.

– Natural referencing (SEO)

SEO will certainly allow you to increase your traffic via search engines. But it will also allow you to optimize your conversion rate. A web agency will help you understand what are the key words that will allow you to act on the CRO and develop your sales. Today, the art of Google first page is definitely become a must.

– Responsive design

The behavior of Internet users differs according to the types of terminal and screen sizes. People do not buy at all in the same way depending on whether they browse on a computer, tablet or smartphone. A web agency will help you organize your web design so that it is perfectly responsive.

– The design of the call-to-action buttons (CTA)

CTAs placed on a website are strategic. They are the ones who are going to make sure that either people click or people don’t click. This will therefore have an immediate impact on the level of your sales. In the age of our zapping societies, people don’t stay on a website for very long. The more information you give them, the more you will lose by making a lot of superfluous information available. The more you guide them with a few correctly written, designated and placed CTAs, the more you will guide them in their purchasing journey.

4. Web agency – Web-marketing

Web agencies allow you to deploy a whole series of modern web marketing actions to ensure the profitability of a project. In addition to the SEO, webdesign and blogging actions already mentioned, there are now tools to boost traffic, leads and the prospect / consumer conversion rate of a website:

– Retargeting

An average says that people make a purchase on a website to the 7th navigation. One of the best ways to get a user back to your website is to place a visual showing your website again on the other websites they will navigate to after they visit your website.

– Native advertising

By promoting your website in the timeline of their favorite networks, internet users will land on your website if the visuals you place match their interest.

– Social media strategies

Community management is a way to ensure that your future Internet users discover your website via social networks and not only through organic research.

– Emails

By implementing an email collection system, you can prepare email campaigns for your leads. They can then return to your website after receiving your email.

– Messaging systems

Email remains people’s favorite tool. But there are many other ways to allow a user to contact you: online messaging services to respond live, chatbots, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

– The data of your website

A web agency will allow you to understand precisely what is happening on your website: number of visits, source of your internet users, channels used (organic search, social networks, referring sites, etc.), bounce rate, pages viewed, duration of visits, etc.

– A / B testing

It is the possibility of testing version A of a website versus a version B, then a version B versus a version C, D, E, etc.

– Guest posting

Writing articles on other websites will allow you to make yourself known, work on your visibility and get many backlinks. In the development of search engine ranking, it is also the quality of backlinks that has the most impact on the end result, along with other elements such as on-page SEO, the Domain Authority of your site and SEO settings.

5. Agence Web I Web-commerce

Here we must make the distinction between e-commerce sites and sites which, of course, do not fall into the category of e-commerce sites, but whose main purpose is to sell something. These websites operate in the web-commerce register, just like e-commerce sites.

Web-commerce can be defined as a science, very inaccurate, which allows everyone to set up a sales tunnel.

People don’t behave at all the same way in a store or on a website. Also the sales techniques implemented in an online store differ radically from the sales techniques used in retail.

There are many prejudices about this. So many people think that the web would be detrimental to retail because more and more people go to a store to make their purchase later on an e-commerce site (this is Showrooming).

In reality, more and more people are also browsing at first on a website, in particular to search for information, with the aim of going later to a store to make a purchase (this is Webrooming ).

Showrooming and Webrooming are not mutually exclusive, quite the contrary.

A web agency will allow you to understand the digital transformation that is revolutionizing our societies – and in particular our purchasing methods.

A web agency will allow you to develop different strategies to carry out your commercial project, whether you have an e-commerce site or not:

– The implementation of social proof strategies

This is one of the most well-known anthropological phenomena: people generally buy what others have previously bought in mass, often without really thinking. If one of your products is a bestseller, a web agency will explain to you that if you promote this product well, it will sell even more.

– The orders page

More than a third of Internet users abandon their purchase when they are obliged to create a customer account. A web agency will help you here to optimize the conversion rate on the most important commercial pages of your site.

– Security

People know that e-commerce sites can actually be real scams. There are many methods available today to verify whether an e-commerce site is free or not.

– CTA buttons

This element was already mentioned earlier in the article: according to colors, wording and web design, Internet users do not react in the same way. A web agency will allow you to arrange your CTAs for the good development of your sales.


A web agency will not only allow you to have the website you want. Especially nowadays, it’s very easy to create a website. A serious web agency will help you much more by enabling the business success you expect.

In many cases, there will not be much going on on your website if you do not get a certain level in terms of volume of visits. Hence the importance of working first on the traffic generated by your website.

But never forget that in the end, a really very small percentage of visitors will turn into consumers: between 2 and 3% on average. Hence the importance of paying particular attention to them and properly analyzing their behavior.

Especially since it is they who will guarantee not only your turnover, but also the development of it. Due to a well-known anthropological mechanism, buyers of a product generally promote their purchase to everyone around them. It flatters their ego, reassures them, and makes them feel like they are the leaders of a new community that the product they bought binds.

Even if these consumers represent only a very very low ratio among the whole of the people who will visit your website, it is they who will zealously proselytize to make other people buy what ‘they already bought. They will naturally turn into VRP.

There too, there are multiple tools that a web agency can deploy to make this mine work: email campaigns, sending brochures, coupons and other coupons, CRM actions, blogging, subscription to newsletters, sponsorship, etc.