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For those of you who have never visited a farm, many of them have large bricks of salt for their animals, called “lick or block”. This block is exactly what its name indicates. It is a block of a few kilos based on salt and minerals, which animals regularly lick in order to ingest the nutrients they need. Now, if you want your readers to “lick” their computer screen, you absolutely have to keep them on your blog, make it the source of the “nutrients” they need to come back regularly to consume your content …

A small business blog is a marketing tool, but marketing is a difficult term to understand, especially if you are a beginner entrepreneur. You probably think that marketing and sales are synonymous, both in terms of definition and purpose. And yet this is not the case. Selling is the process of getting a customer through the act of buying, while marketing is knowing how to position your product, find your customers, and decide how you will reach them.

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Therefore, you should not start blogging just to try to generate sales. This is a place where you will find your customers, feed them with information, and determine your value … the equivalent of a digital licking block!

Why do people go online?

Believe it or not, people don’t jump on the web just to buy a product. They go there because they want information. Several hundred or even thousands of euros dedicated to advertising are thrown out the window when blogs simply offer a product and offer no information.

It already teaches us a lot about what a blog should offer, right? First, you will need to provide relevant information, that which people want to consume. And second, think about paving the way for finding that information, with no nasty ads that block the user from browsing your site.

You must give in order to receive

Why are you an entrepreneur? Because you want to be your own boss? Because you think you can do something better than someone else? Because you are an expert in your sector and you decided to stand on your own two feet?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then believe it or not, you are an expert. Maybe not an expert yet known, but at least you are one anyway. And even if you haven’t yet, you’re there to make it happen. How you do it and why you do it are just as important questions as if you are good at it!

Give this information for free. Share what you learn, and share regularly. This will help your readers know when and where to easily find the information they are looking for. Do it for the long haul and you will develop a list of potential customers who will be aware of your product and / or service. Even if they’re not ready to buy right away, your brand will be ingrained in their minds, and they will easily share your site with other people who are ready to buy immediately.

Search engines help you better position your site

There is a lot of information on the Internet. In fact, every 18 months, the total number of data circulating on the web doubles, and this rate is constantly changing. So how can you stand out in this rapidly expanding sea of ​​information?

Search engines are smart. Shortly after creating a blog, their robots (or just bots for short) analyze and reference your content using their algorithms. Your blog will be well placed if you publish quality content (correct grammar and spelling, relevant information, etc.) and if visitors share and / or comment on your articles.

Search engines also search for important keywords that people type. Depending on the number of these keywords that your website has, they will increase its relevance. So before you start, you should first of all know what your potential customers are looking for, and any specific words or phrases they could type in order to find them.

What you are ready to share and offer is supposed to be original, unique, of high quality, interesting, and above all relevant to what readers want. That’s a lot for a start, of course, but it’s definitely worth it! If you have trouble finding your way around, my best advice is to focus on the relevance of the information, whether it is well written and interesting. You can focus on the most popular keywords and themes on the search engines later. If your content is not good, be sure that the search engines will not be interested in your blog. Also, people can come to your blog and dislike what you offer, which could do more damage than good to your brand / image.

How about starting your blog?

Your website is more likely to be well positioned in search engine results if you have a blog than if you don’t have one. And these results are important now that more and more people are turning to the Internet for information and to shop online.

Why is “being well positioned” in search engine results so important? Easy. Consider how you currently consume information. Are you browsing all the search engine results (eg Google) you get when you do a search? Or do you choose the results from the first page, with particular attention to the results at the top of the page?

If you stay at the top of the first page of results, you’re like 95% of web users. In fact, people often joke that the best place to find a dead body is page 2 of Google’s search results. So, how can you improve the positioning of your blog in search results? How to find yourself in first, second, third … 400th place on these results? This is called popularity. The more traffic your blog receives, the more engagements its content will have, the more actions it will receive, and the better you will be positioned. And that means more people will find your website, blog, products, services… everything!

How often should we write blog articles?

Blogging is like playing sports, and the best exercise that really pays off is the one that you actually practice on a regular basis. My advice is to blog when you can, and when you want. Do not stress at first, just start when you feel it and continue gradually. Once a month is better than doing nothing at all. Producing content every week is better than doing it monthly, and doing it daily is always better than doing it every week. Just do what you can do. The more you write, the more popular your blog will become – not to mention the traffic you will generate.

However, the more you invest in blogging, the less time you will have to manage your business. Yes, marketing is part of running your business, and I’m sure you don’t want to “Wow, my business went bankrupt because I spent too much time in blogging.” Time is more precious than money, especially for an entrepreneur. So, as we often have very few, spend it wisely.

What should you write?

Once you start your blog, write about your business, your customers, your products, your successes, your failures and all the lessons you have learned. And why not write some interesting stories that relate to how you decided to become an entrepreneur?

Personal stories about the success of your business and how you got there very often help boost your brand image. This is important. In today’s business world, a small business can easily and quickly be forgotten, or even succeed, often when you least expect it. It all depends on the approach you take.

Like I said, people go to the Internet to find information. Some of them are customer reviews of the best products. So, if you have a good relationship with your customers through your blog, you can take full advantage of it. And you should!

Can you outsource content writing?

Yes, you can have professional bloggers who write articles for you. And yes, you can pay them to create the content that will attract your readership. This process is part of content marketing or content marketing.

However, content marketing can become penalizing when poorly executed. If you decide to start a blog and outsource the writing of your articles, be sure to find someone who is good at writing your content in a tone and style similar to yours.

How many articles to publish on the blog?

The quality of your articles is an essential criterion in blogging, the number too. In a perfect world, you want to have more high-quality articles on your blog than your competitors have. This way, the search engines will see that your site is more active and more important than theirs. In addition, posting a lot of articles regularly means that your website is much more likely to be seen by people when they search the Internet. Think about it. This way, each time you add an article to your blog, you will add more spice to it, which will make it easier for your potential customers to find it and increase your notoriety.

These are all valid reasons to create your blog without further ado, for me anyway. There are still others surely … On your side, do you already have a blog? And did you have other reasons which led you to create it?

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