Of all the platforms dedicated to professional writers, how to separate the good from the chaff? This is a difficult equation to solve when we are looking for quality content. Jean-Christophe Lavocat, Arnaud Rachez and Timothée Jeannin have in their own way solved this equation. Thanks to WordiZ, they create a privileged partnership between prescribers and writers. Their service is inspired by the famous author rank the big G. In this way, you are guaranteed to have a quality result produced by suitable editors. At least that is the ambition of the three founders of the WordiZ service launched this July …

The concept …

According to the founders, on WordiZ the philosophy is different. Instead of buying an anonymous article, you will be buying an article signed by an influencer. Instead of having this article published on the influencer blog, it will be published to you. WordiZ lets you find and invite known bloggers to write on your site. From neuromartketing to an article on a general site, all areas will be covered by the platform.

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Quality content for informed prescribers

The content is King. We can never say it enough. As a prescriber, your content needs will certainly be met. To start, simply “enter the keywords or the address of their site and WordiZ displays a list of potential authors, specialists in the subject to be covered, as well as all the information characterizing them. Links are included to articles already produced, thus directly searchable ”. The interface is simple and practical. What makes the experience of its users unique. With WordiZ, know editors’ reputation is now possible.

Currently nearly 500 authors , versatile, writing specialists from all fields must be networked. Kind of like a spider web. These authors will allow the intelligent agent to learn from a large body of text, in the same language, Jean-Christophe told me. Personally, I will play the prescriber well to find out.

Wordiz: figures… but also relevant content

According to Jean-Christophe “the editors registered with Wordiz display the number of their publications, their favorite themes, the number of followers they will be able to share with their partners. From this information, a score is calculated for each author in his areas of expertise. ” In fact, “our algorithm is very simple at the moment. When an author registers with WordiZ, we automatically import articles whose authorship has been verified via Google (the tag rel = author). We then classify each author by theme using an intelligent robot. Our robot, WordiZBot, will read each of the articles and check their popularity. He then returns to WordiZ to give each author a note for each topic addressed ”. In addition, WordiZBot includes all languages ​​and all alphabets. WordiZ lets you find and invite known bloggers to write on your site. Thanks to WordiZ, the SEO and SMO will now be peers and the authors will be KINGS.

Ps: To see how it works, just register.