▷ Would Instagram's new “Challenge” sticker copy Tiktok? 2020 Guide -

Instagram is testing a new “Challenge” sticker in its stories that would allow subscribers to participate in visual contests, and generate more engagement …

On April 15, 2020, tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong revealed on Twitter that the Challenge sticker should soon be added to Instagram Stories stickers.

Trainer training

To use it, the Instagrammer has two options: he will be invited to identify friends to participate once the sticker is applied, but can also use the #Challenge option in the hashtag field, at the bottom of the screen, depending on the content tendency to seek.

Wouldn’t that remind you of… TikTok?

Yes ! On TikTok, users can use duo mode (#Duet). To do this, simply select one of your videos, click on the “Share” button and then on the icon in the pop-up to make the duo. On TikTok or Instagram, you can therefore put two videos side by side, to meet the challenges and the interactive elements integrated into the messages.

But more broadly, challenges have become a key element to increase visibility on TikTok, especially with containment. Hashtags are a must-have feature for engaging.

The challenges associated with hashtags inspire millions, if not billions, of responses from followers. While the feature is still being tested at Instagram, this social network is likely hoping to follow this trend to generate more engagement.

To be continued…