In his blog, YouTube said it “was testing a new feature for creators to easily save multiple videos directly to the YouTube mobile app and upload them as one video” …


YouTube tests 15-second videos

The experience will be rolled out to users on Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android platform. Several 15-second clips will be merged into a single video.

Trainer training

“If you participate in this test, you will see an option to” create a video “in the mobile upload stream. Click or hold the record button to record your first clip, then click again or release the button to stop recording that clip, “says YouTube.

Users will still be able to download longer videos, but this will be done through their phone’s gallery app rather than the YouTube app itself.

The ability to record short video clips will be similar to that of TikTok, the most profitable and widely used application at the moment, as its videos are also 15 seconds long. In addition, users can download up to a minute of content by linking the videos.

YouTube isn’t the only one trying to imitate TikTok …

Eh yes ! Facebook has also deployed two applications to try to compete with it: Reels and Lasso. Launched in 2018 and very strongly inspired by TikTok, Lasso will however close its doors on July 10, 2020.

Reels, the other TikTok clone launched by Instagram (owned by Facebook) was launched on June 23 and also allows you to create 15-second videos with a musical background. After the recent ban of TikTok in India, Instagram intends to seize this opportunity to deploy quickly.

Reels also allows users to take audio from other users for use in their own videos. This feature is similar to “Duet” from TikTok, but is currently only tested in Brazil.

To be continued…