▷ Write an ebook step by step: the guide 2020 -

You have writing skills and you want to share your knowledge and make more money. The best way to ensure financial independence is to write ebooks and put them up for sale online. How to successfully write your ebook? Are there standards to follow? How to successfully promote and sell your ebooks on the web? Follow us for detailed and precise answers to all your questions!


The software to use for creating an ebook

For the text

You can use either Word from Microsoft Office solution or free and open source Libre Office word processing software.

Training & Co'm

For images

For quality images and original cover, we recommend using Adobe Photoshop or The Gimp. If you don’t have Webdesign skills, you can use the skills of a Freelance.

For the ebook

Among the best software for creating e-books in EPUB format is Sigil. Easy to use, Sigil is compatible with all operating systems.

Among the features offered by this software, we find: the automated creation of the table of contents, the creation of links between the different parts and chapters, the preview of your ebooks, etc.

The steps to create an ebook

Writing an ebook is a great idea for making money while providing people with interesting topics and themes. It is by creating an ebook and publishing it online in addition to the paper version that you will be able to reach a wider audience and get your sales off the ground.

Indeed, the digital format makes it possible to respond to a growing specific demand. Here are the important steps that will allow you to write your ebooks correctly.

Step 1: Find one or more subjects

This is the first step and the most important step. You have to find the subject capable of arousing the curiosity and interest of Internet users and which meets what they were looking for on the internet. You must also have the analytical skills and the information necessary to successfully write your ebook. Your information must be precise, relevant and based on reliable bibliographic references.

Step 2: Develop your ideas

From the basic idea and the main subject of your ebook, you need to develop new ideas to be able to create several chapters and different sections.

Let’s take an example ! You want to write a book on organic cosmetic products. The main topic is to present the benefits of these products. Several other pieces of information must be presented, such as the composition of these products, the people who can use them, their selling prices, the manufacturing processes, the selection criteria, etc.

Step 3: Organizing the details

After making a list of ideas to discuss, you need to rearrange them in a logical vertical plane. The main ideas and basic elements should be put at the beginning.

Each idea will correspond to a chapter of your ebook. You can also detail the chapters in different sections for easier reading.

Step 4: Writing the ebook

Based on the table of contents, you can start writing. You can start, either with the first parts, or “in the middle” while respecting the plan. Writing an ebook is time-consuming, so we advise you to create a visualization board and to reserve time each day (one, two or three hours) to write a game or to wait for a certain number of words.

Step 5: proofreading and correction

Once the writing is complete, the most important step comes: proofreading, modification and correction of mistakes. Start with an overview and make sure the chapters follow a logical order. Like writing, editing and proofreading take a lot of time. Do your best to check for spelling and syntax errors. You can also give the rough version of your ebook to one or more friends for their opinions and to help you make the necessary modifications.

Step 6: Create and add an original cover

An attractive cover is an asset to be able to sell on ebook on the internet. The cover of your ebook must be original and must make you want to click on it to discover the content. Several tools allow you to create 2D or 3D covers (Photo Filter Studio for example).

Step 7: Send your ebook to those around you

When you’ve finished writing, proofreading, optimizing your ebook, and creating the cover, you can send a copy to friends and family for their impressions.

Step 8: Make other improvements

Depending on the feedback you get to know, you can make other changes to improve your ebook.

Before publishing your work on the internet, you must be sure that it is perfect.

Some useful tips

  • Always save your work on multiple storage media and online;
  • Sell ​​your ebook on several online sales platforms;
  • Outsource certain work such as creating covers, layout and correction;
  • Always choose basic fonts (Arial and Times News Roman …);
  • Post extracts from your ebook on the internet and on social networks.