You see that ? It, it is me as soon as I have to write a new email to my list. Except that instead of being in front of a bowl of cereal, I’m at my computer … And I do nothing...


Whenever I have to write an email to my list, it’s the same thing: I block.

I lack inspiration.

I sit there, sitting at my desk, planted in front of my computer, staring at my screen…

And nothing.

I don’t know what to say, I feel stuck, and I start to bite my nails.

And the WORST is that the more I block, the more I worry.

You know what I mean ?

Like I tell myself that I would never get out of something suitable, and that I suck.

And when I FINALLY lay something, I find it bad.

So I edit it over and over again.

In the end, I spend hours on a simple email, and I am not satisfied with my work when I send it.

Or rather: I was not unsatisfied.

Because that, it was before (it’s been very public Afflelou you know hahaa):

That was before.

Today, I write between 1 and 3 emails a week to my list – no problem.

I no longer lack inspiration, I no longer block, and I KNOW that what I write is good.

Better still: when I write my email, I WANT to send it, and the reactions of my readers are always positive.

Whether it is feedback and responses for a commitment email …

Or sales and zeros on my bank account for a sales email.

How come ? What changed ?

It’s simple :

Today I am a 3-step method for writing my emails.

As soon as I have an email to send to my list, I follow these 3 steps, and the results are always there.

I’ve been using this method for 3 years now. And today I’m going to reveal it to you in its entirety – in THIS article.

Would you like to ? So let’s go :

Here is the first step…

Step 1: Start with a true story

The most interesting emails are those who tell a story.


How many emails per day do you get like this:

  • ” Last chance ! My super training at -50%! “
  • Or : “5 techniques to get more traffic”

If you are like me, the answer is: many.

If you want to differentiate yourself from others and stand out from the crowd like Francis Lalane in the middle of bald people (don’t ask me why this comparison came to me like that …), the best way is to start from a story real.

Outstanding capillarity

A typical example?

The email I sent last week.

Look: I recently returned from a vacation from Miami. There, I saw a guy who did a “show” with crocodiles.

I swear, it was impressive. The guy even dragged a 2m03 alligator in front of us as if nothing had happened:


Well, last week, I just emailed my list using this story.

So, I started my email like this:

The beginning of the email I sent to my list.

You see ?

I’m just setting it up, saying that something funny happened to me the last time.

Then what? I read my story at a lesson.

This is the second step …

Step 2: Link the story to a lesson

Once you have your story, it must be linked to your theme.

If I had only talked about crocodiles last week, my readers would have taken me for a fool:

“Wait, but why is he talking to me about alligators there?” We are on a marketing blog, right? “

On the other hand…

If I tell you about a crocodile to get your attention …

Let me tell you then that the guy who talks about crocodiles uses marketing techniques that allow him to earn a lot of money …

And that YOU can ALSO allow you to increase your sales tenfold …

There it’s different.

This is interesting.

And there it is unique.

One who does that well? Antoine BM, since he started emailing again.

I remember the last time I received this email from him:

The email Antoine Antoine sent.

My reaction was immediate:

“What, a smoothie in a Nutella jar?” What is he talking about ? I must know ! “

So necessarily, I clicked.

And when I saw that he later linked his concept of smoothie in a jar of Nutella with a sales lesson essential for success on the web …

I could only smile.

And enjoy his email.

You see ? Copywriting is not complicated:

  1. We get the attention …;
  2. And we keep it.

Well with your email, it’s the same:

  1. You start by telling an anecdote, a story that happened to you the last time …;
  2. Then you continue by linking your story with a lesson on your theme.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

The third step?

Well, write your email, damn it!

(Expression which had not been used any more since the end of the XIXth century. Thank you for forgiving my dash of madness.)

Yes, now that you know how to write the kind of email that will get all of your readers to agree, there’s no more than getting to work.

You have to take your little fingers, and tap them on your keyboard.

There is no secret.

And don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time:

Doing something different is never easy.

But it is precisely because it is not “easy” that it is worth it.

While others write the same kind of email over and over again …

You will stand out from the crowd.

While your readers open without conviction the messages of your competitors …

They will eagerly await yours.

And they will send you messages.

Telling you they love what you do, or answering the questions you ask them.

Writing emails like this increases your relationship with your readers tenfold.

And when you start selling your products and services, I don’t even tell you …

You using the 3 step method.

And There you go !

You have an email that everyone wants to read in 3 quick steps.

You see ? I didn’t lie to you.

Never putaclic at Le Copywriter 😉

Ah yes, one last thing! The content you just read is basically an email that I sent to my list.

If you too want to receive this kind of emails, you can click on the link that I put just below to register.

Not only will YOU ALSO receive this kind of content that teaches you how to sell better in preview …

But you will also receive my new guide to help you write good sales pages.

Her name : “The Structure In 5 Steps To Write A Sales Page THAT SELLS”.

Here’s what some people who read it say:

I tell you right away on the other side,

– Theo