▷ Writing a book: a big marketing asset 2020 -

You have surely already seen many entrepreneurs or companies write and publish a book with all their advice for success. Well in this article we will see why and how. You can then, why not, get started in your turn …


Why write a book for marketing?

And no ! Writing a book doesn’t necessarily mean wanting to make money with it and becoming a successful writer. We will see that there are several other reasons for want to write a book!


First, there is the fact ofincrease credibility. Take for example two entrepreneurs who both want to sell advice on investing in real estate. One wrote a book and proudly posts it on his site, while the other does not. You guessed it, in 95% of cases, the entrepreneur / author will have many more sales due to their credibility and eligibility. Writing a book therefore gives a certain expert status of his domain.

In people’s minds, it’s still very difficult to publish a paper book. And if entrepreneurs have done it, it’s because they’re clearly very good and big publishers trust them. Of course, this is wrong. Anyone can publish a paper book and self-publish.

The call product

The second and most important reason for wanting to write a paper book is tomake it a calling product. For those who do not know what a calling product is, it is simply an inexpensive entry-level product with a lot of added value that will push customers into action (the purchase). For it, the book is perfect. It is inexpensive and contains enormous value.

The goal, in this case, is to write a book to learn. Therefore, people who will be interested will buy it and you can then offer them your other more expensive products (coaching, video training, etc.).

You will understand, having your own paper book is a great assetmarketing !

How to write your own book?

Now that you know why it is interesting to write a book in addition to earning money, we’ll see how to do that.

Today, it is no longer necessary to have a contract with a publishing house to be able to publish his own book. There are several other solutions like:

Now remember that your goal will not be to sell as many books as possible, but rather to offer them to potential customers on your site. You can also increase your credibility, the sale is only a bonus. So don’t invest too much in advertising.

What should you write in a marketing turned book?

Now wondering what to write in this book for maximum conversion?

1 – Tell your story: start by telling your story by explaining at the end that you wanted to write this book to help people who have the same problems as you. In the area of ​​stress, for example, you can say that you were stressed all the time, that you know it is a daily problem, but that you got out of it. Next, you will announce that this book will explain how you got there and how people will be able to do it too.

2 – Give the solutions: step by step, chapter by chapter, you will present the solutions to all the problems of your thematic. Try to do it in a way that it is a logical sequence. Do not hesitate to turn your solutions into stories and learn from your own experiences to tell. It is always more captivating.

3 – Offer your other products: at the end of your book, talk about what you’re doing next. It’s time to advertise! Mention your YouTube channel, your video training, your coaching … Say that if people want to deepen the subject, you have just what they need.

As for the length of your book, don’t overdo it. It must contain between 100 and 300 pages (including layout).

Finally, if you have very little credibility or customers, but you don’t have time, have your book written! To learn more and go further on this subject, see this other article: How to write a book?