▷ Writing for the Internet, real pleasure or simple activity? 2020 -

Web copywriting… some see this name as heresy with regard to the essentials of Big Literature, while others swear by it dreaming of SEO and optimization of natural referencing. Between the two, reality is more practical and dogmatic at the same time. Some doubts about the meaning of this new form of literary creation, a question about the purpose of this writing on keyboard … so let’s read this tale together: it all starts with Once upon a time…

Web writing, the opposite of virtual writing

There are millions of people surfing the web every day seeking information and information on many and varied subjects. Each page visited does not give us complete satisfaction, but each page visited gives us access to content. Whatever judgment is made on the latter (” We didn’t learn anything “. ” This site is full of genius ideas “. ” It’s very wrong what’s written there “…) it is clear that each of these pages required an effort to collect the information and pass it on to the Internet user.

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Web writing is therefore omnipresent in our daily life. Be careful though, where some sites propose to make us discover the content produced by others (if it exists and plagiarism is widespread on the Web), others on the other hand engage in content productions with a strong ambition for quality. Some programs also make it possible, in a few seconds, to obtain thousands of texts translated from foreign pages of the Web. Web writing is therefore not unique, far from it.

The web editor, a frustrated bookworm?

But web writing is also done by countless copywriters. Some people offer to talk voluntarily by spilling out sometimes on their personal blog, sometimes on specialized sites. It is enough, for example, to visit the sites devoted to genealogical research to understand that volunteering has also found its place on the Internet. Other Internet users also offer their writings on community platforms, hoping to be able to share their passion and exchange with enthusiasts of all kinds. Others finally dare to start professional writing, thus meeting the demand of thousands of sites in constant search of content to reinforce their effectiveness on the Web.

Web writing is therefore diverse and multiple. Impossible to evoke all the styles and all the forms of writing, used by the millions of blog authors (most often volunteers but not always) or even to try to understand the success of a site compared to another. As with literature, certain styles please more than others, the choice of words, the punctuation, the length of sentences … Marcel Proust might not have had the success it deserves by publishing his work by brides by posting a new chapter every week … whatever nothing is written.


Web writing, creative freedom or the sum of multiple constraints?

However, Web copywriting must also respond to technical and precise contingencies. It is by no means a formatting of the writing, but where the apprentice writer must respect the number of folio, the spaces, the acronyms of correction, the Web author must meet the specific requirements of the readership of the web, strive to optimize its text according to the expectations of its client, seek to make the best use of the sacrosanct keywords, understand the logic of the long tail … A whole world to discover, rules to decipher, behaviors to decipher…

parodying Emile Faguet, who wrote ” Reading bad books is good taste if you read good ones “(The art of reading), I invite you to discover in the continuations of this article, the secrets and behind the scenes of Web writing. It is by discovering “poor quality” sites that one becomes fully aware of the expectations of Internet users and that one is thus able to help in the creation of these ambitious sites.