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And my little finger tells me that if you work with WordPress, you probably have installed Yoast WordPress SEO (or one of its fellow plugins), it can even be attributed to you green (Yippee!) to tell you that your content was well optimized

And maybe you even think that the job is finished after this pretty light green : lots of words, top content, keyword well positioned in it?

This is what we are trying to make you believe. But this is not true.

The pretty green lights do not affect your results. They are NOT synonymous with successful SEO, prospects, sales registrations and NOTHING!

Yoast, AllInOneSEO, Woorank, Semrush, Answer the publicWarning, I’m not saying the tools aren’t going to be useful to you. But all remain tools that will help you reach your goal.

But to achieve your goal alone good methodology work will be sufficient. I would even say that even without a tool, it is possible to have good results. Yes ! Even if you are just starting out in this area that seems confusing to you right now!

What is a good methodology ???

It is already before any optimization whatsoever, finding the RIGHT expressions to work on! You know the ones who bring you the RIGHT people ready to take action on your site (bye bye tourists!).

The idea is not necessarily to make a colossal volume of visits but to have visits that TRANSFORM. When I say “transform” these are visits that do what you want them to do on your site!

And for that, there is a real work of research of key words to make, you will use some tools but you will especially use your brain, your ideas and your knowledge of your ideal client (the famous persona for the most passionate about marketing terms :)).

For almost 15 years I have been doing SEO and even today, I prefer to rely on a good strategy than on high performance tools. In the case of keyword research, the Google keyword generator and Excel are my best friends, no more no less. Of course methods exist to be sure not to miss good expressions and to choose in any event our famous keywords! Without fumbling around and wasting time. We will come back soon!

To return to Yoast, if it is used without this prior research work, there is no point in installing it. NO NO NO. And once the right keywords have been found and Yoast installed, do not think that this will be enough, once again a tool without a strategy, with no brain behind it is worth nothing!

Once you have the RIGHT keywords, you can start on a healthy base and start your seduction operation on Google. Again it is not necessarily essential to use a plethora of tools.

Excel once again will be very effective for having an overview of your site, distributing the keywords on the most relevant pages and starting your work of writing the main key points in SEO. Yoast can help you implement your optimizations.

But it does not guarantee at all that your page is indeed well referenced for Google … Eh non. Even when the light green is on ! And in some cases, the light green is not necessarily a good thing and conversely the indicator orange or red not necessarily a bad thing 🙂 YES YES I will demonstrate it to you soon.

And for the editorial and netlinking part, there are some very good tools that help you save time and efficiency but be careful not to rely too much on them. Rest on your most beautiful tool: your BRAIN.

You will understand by reading, the idea is not to discourage you from using tools for your SEO BUT to put them back in their place!

They can support you in your strategy, but no, they do not guarantee the SEO of your site. And can even… seal it !!!

Besides, I will show you soon what a well referenced content by Google looks like, despite a light red or orange from Yoast!

I will come back to you very soon to show you that it is quite possible to have good SEO results, results that bring a qualified audience, without taking the lead with this famous seer!


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