▷ Young Startuper's Guide 2020 -

Do you want to launch your startup and finally become independent? Do you think your idea is the best and can’t wait to get started? Great ! Discover some tips to get started in the best possible way and avoid common mistakes…

Analyze the market and the competition well …

Being innovative is a key factor, because you don’t want to launch your startup in a saturated market. Yes ? While your project is valuable, you need to be sure that your idea has not been used over and over again. We will have to be relevant!

To help you, a tool like Google Trends will tell you how often a keyword is used and thus give you useful information about variations in consumer behavior and interests. Analyzing the competition will also allow you to define what you can really bring to the market, your little extra thing, but also what are your strengths and weaknesses. So start early …

As a young entrepreneur, you benefit from a lot of significant opportunities. As a student, you have the possibility of participating in group projects to train yourself, but also of launching your startup without having the constraints of working life. Try to take advantage of it!

… But don’t be impatient

Do not try to contact a lot of investors from the start, it will not be useful to any of you especially if your product or service is not perfect. You should first seek the wise advice of your predecessors rather than a fast celebrity who would be only fleeting. Try to be sponsored by an incubator: you will benefit from regular monitoring, you will be able to participate in events where you will meet people like you, but also influential people in the community. Now is the time to gather as much advice as possible from professionals!

Don’t start alone

You’ll have to find a balance: you want to launch your startup, it’s great, but you must absolutely take into account the fact that everything is still to be built and that it will take you time before having results. Of course, you are not an expert in all the areas that the creation of a startup requires. So you need to find one or two co-founders who come from different backgrounds (developers, economists, salespeople, etc.). On the other hand, having too many colleagues at the very beginning may be lacking, because it will be very difficult for you to have optimal management of your group: do not scatter!

To find co-founders or colleagues who share the same vision of entrepreneurship as you, you can visit online platforms such as Ideasvoice and meet people you could partner with!

Manage your community

When you launch a product or service, it is important to create a community around it, even if it is not yet completed. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are obviously important to promote your product, but you must not forget an important tool such as the blog! CMS sites such as WordPress or Jimdo are very easy to use and offer you great freedom in creating your blog.

The blog allows a certain proximity between your audience and you, the writing of articles will create a community around your product and will allow to gain the loyalty of your audience. The role of social networks will then be to disseminate the content of your blog on a large scale and will participate in this in your fame.

Ready ? Now, let’s go!

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