▷ Your customer service can kill you or make you rich! 2020 -

Customer service: this concept so important and yet so often overused in the companies we know. Having good customer service is probably the most underrated by entrepreneurs in their success, why? We will also explain how to successfully set it up…

MSB show 26: the importance of perfect customer service

Terrible examples

Recently, I experienced catastrophic episodes in the field of customer service with companies such as Peugeot, SFR or even booking.com.
I have had some unpleasant experiences with these companies that I have reported on my blog.

Training & Co'm

You can make a difference!

In an increasingly competitive world, companies must differentiate themselves by their products and services but also and above all by the experience around them.
You can make a difference simply by pampering your customers and providing them with a real pleasant experience.

Be the company that is recognized for the way it treats its customers the right way 😉

It’s your turn !