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Not long ago, I introduced you MyPoseo, a tool allowing you to follow the positions of your site in the search engines on a selection of keywords. As Christian pointed out in one of the comments, it is also interesting to know conversely the keywords on which our site is positioned or that of one of our competitors. This is what, among other things, SEMVisu, the little brother of MyPoseo published by the same publisher. SEMvisu will allow you to analyze your natural reference and paying as well as that of your competitors. You will see, these analyzes will allow you to gain in efficiency when you work on the visibility of your site in the search engines, follow the guide…

To summarize, SEMVisu will allow you to obtain the keywords on which you or one of your competitors is positioned as well as to obtain all the related information to have all the cards in hand to prepare your sponsored link campaigns and natural referencing.

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To demonstrate the usefulness of this tool, I offer 3 practical cases.

1: Analyze the presence of a competitor on the paying results (SEM)

Before launching or optimizing a sponsored link campaign, it’s always worth analyzing what the competition is doing. SEMVisu will give you lots of information about your competitors in seconds. Significant time savings for your competitive intelligence.

Once connected to the tool, type your main keyword in the search field and select “keyword”. In our case, we will use “webmarketing agency“. Start the search and select SEA (Search Engine Advertising / paid listing).

For this keyword, you will get key indicators: competition, impression volume, CPC to lead, estimated traffic and other indicators.

SEMvisu <a href=paid SEO indicators ” width=” 500 ” height=” 170 ” />

Via this first screen, you can access various information that can complement your monitoring: the ads that appear on this keyword, similar keywords or even advertisers buying this keyword. In this first case, we will click on advertiser to identify our main competitors.

SEMvisu analysis competitors sem

On this screen, I can sort by several criteria, for example on the number of Adwords keywords purchased. I see that Baseandco.com is the advertiser buying the most keywords around the semantics “web marketing agency”, I click on its URL to analyze more precisely.

We then return to the first screen with this time a search by URL.

SEMvisu competitors analysis sem

I then see interesting indications about this competitor: the number of keywords purchased, the number of different ads or even a range of budget spent on Adwords.

I can then:
● Studied his ad texts to find ideas;
● See the keywords purchased to possibly position myself on them;
● See the sites also positioned on Adwords with the most keywords in common with the competitor studied …

The possibilities are quite numerous, you will realize it by navigating on SEMvisu.

2: Analyze the results of its natural referencing

This time, we will study the natural referencing of our site. We saw it the last time, it is possible to follow its positioning on specific keywords via MyPoseo. This is essential to follow the keywords that you work in SEO but it will not give you all of the keywords on which you position yourself. This is where comes in SEMvisu.

In the search field, enter your URL and select SEO.

sem-visu-analyze-seo-site-450×311.jpg 450w ” alt=”Semvisu seo site analysis ” width=” 500 ” height=” 346 ” />

You will then obtain key data on your SEO: your pagerank, Alexarank, the number of backlinks, the number of keywords positioned on the first page…

You can then click on Results to get a better idea of ​​how your site appears in Google results. I learned there, for example, that among universal search results, 60% of the displays were related to images and 40% to news.

In the positioned keywords tab, I have a view on the keywords where our site is positioned. If I sort to get the results in first position, I see that we are first on the following keywords: e-marketing techniques, web marketing software or facebook good deals. For each keyword, I have access to the search volume, the estimated traffic, the competition and the number of ads displayed on this keyword.

SEMvisu analyzes seo positions

The last two tabs allow you to identify competitors positioning themselves on similar keywords and to see the pages that stand out the most in the search engine results.

SEMvisu associated to MyPoseo will allow you to draw up a precise panorama of your referencing.

3: Find new keyword ideas

Using the different reports offered by SEMvisu you will also be able to find new keyword ideas, whether for your SEO or for your Adwords campaigns. Here are two ways to find new keywords:

  • Do a search on one of the main keywords you are targeting. Then go to the similar keyword tab to find new keywords. I advise you to do SEO and SEA research in order to obtain maximum results. You can then click on the different expressions that you will get to obtain information on the interest of positioning yourself on it or to find new derivatives.
  • Do a search on the url of your main competitor’s website, then click on “Positioned keywords” or “Purchased keywords” depending on whether you are on SEO or SEA and study your competitors’ keywords to see those on which it would be interesting to position yourself.

To conclude…

SEMvisu will help you better understand your SEO to make the right decisions. The service is billed based on your usage and free registration allows you to use 50 credits per day. Beyond that, you will have to turn to one of these offers:

SEMvisu offers

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To make up your own mind, nothing better than testing for yourself. SEMVisu has kindly offered to offer 3 licenses to CWT Advertising & co’m readers.

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It’s up to you 🙂

If you want to know more, test the free version or subscribe to SEMVisu, visit their site: http://fr.semvisu.com/