▷ Becoming a trainer: a great way to develop your activity 2020 -

Do you want to become a trainer? Whether you are independent or a decision maker in a company, the training activity is a great way to develop your business and monetize your expertise, regardless of the area you are in. In this dossier, I offer you everything you need to know about the profession of trainer, are we going?

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This article is taken from the training materials for the trainer “Create and reference your training organization” from our course certifying “Creation and development of a training activity”.

In recent years, the reform of vocational training has made it possible to professionalize the profession of trainer by setting requirements in terms of quality.

Beyond this essential professionalization in the training market, the reform also opens up new opportunities if your training organization is in a quality approach. “And I have no doubt about it “?

2019 marks a turning point in training with a reorganization of the various players in training (disappearance of OPCAs in favor of OPCOs, creation of England Compétences, transition from CPF / Personal Account credit to Training in euros … there are many projects).

If there are two things to remember for independent trainers and training organizations:

  1. The quality must be at the center of your training process;
  2. The personalization of the course in relation to the learner’s profile and objectives must also be at the heart of your offer.

Description of the profession of trainer

The job of trainer will mainly consist in developing training programs / supports and in transmitting knowledge and know-how to an audience of adult professionals.

We will find different job titles : trainer consultant, technical trainer, coach trainer, training manager… The terms change but the main lines of the profession remain the same.

It is possible to do this full time in large training organizations but also to become an occasional trainer to diversify your activities and monetize your expertise.

Are you interested in the profession and are you considering training? Discover 8 good reasons to follow a trainer’s training to finish convincing you 🙂

Who can become a trainer?

domain expertise become trainerIf no specificity is required in terms of diploma or professional path, it is necessary to have expertise in a field to transmit knowledge and good practices.

Likewise, certain qualities are necessary for the adult education.

The qualities and skills necessary to be a good trainer

Be a teacher : it goes without saying, pedagogy is essential to exercise the profession well. You will need to bring your learners from point A to point B by instilling in them the knowledge necessary to practice the subject you are teaching. With experience, teaching methods and tools will have no secrets for you?

Listening : Keeping the people you train comfortable and listening to them will be essential. This will allow you to better understand their levels and needs in order to adapt the course of training accordingly.

Rigor and organization: whether to organize training or follow all the administrative and regulatory aspects required by the activity of trainer, it is essential to be rigorous and organized.

Good communication skills : last essential quality, relational will play an important role in making the audience you train comfortable.

In short, for excel in your training actions you will have to be an educator, be able to transmit skills whatever the starting level of your learners, be attentive to them, know how to put them at ease and be rigorous and organized! Do you recognize yourself in these qualities? Let’s see now the opportunities.

To go further, read our article “10 techniques to facilitate training”

The opportunities offered by the training activity

Self-employed: independent trainer

Creating your training organization will allow you to offer new services to your customers to develop your turnover while having a nice activity 🙂 This is what we did, in our case, by launching our webmarketing training organization in 2014. If you specialize in a field, you will be able to develop your freelance activity. Remember to train yourself in the various funding mechanisms for training in order to easily guide your customers in their efforts.

By having your trainer number, you can also offer your services to other training organizations…

In professional training organizations

Second solution, sell yourself as a training expert to training organizations. The training centers are always looking for new training consultants to either expand their training catalogs or animate their existing training. With this solution, you are generally paid by the day, it may be less profitable than the first solution but you will not have the commercial and administrative aspects to manage. Which can be an excellent thing because the latter two are very time consuming.

In schools

Last possibility in schools related to your activity (example Master Marketing if you are a marketing professional). Here the audience will be younger, the courses will surely require more preparation (the programs being longer and changing over the year) but will you have the joy of training future generations?

“And why not a mix of the 3, you see, you are the chef! “

Studies and training to become a trainer

As in all activities, there are short courses that will quickly pass on skills without necessarily giving you a diploma and conversely long courses if having a diploma or certification is important to you.

Professional and master’s degrees

You have the Bachelor of Education Sciences over 2 years which prepares you for the professions of trainer, socio-cultural animator, educational adviser or even educational adviser.

Listed as a master in 5 years, you have masters in education science.

Training over a few months

You then have training certifying trainers over several months. CNAM and AFPA offer them. For example, you have the 8-month “professional trainer / adult training” offered by AFPA.

CQP Trainer consultant in VAE

If you already have training experience and want to validate your professional skills, the CQP Trainer consultant is for you. Click here for more information.

Short operational-oriented training

You want to be quickly operational, launch your training organization and become a trainer as soon as possible, short training courses are then made for you.

CWT Advertising & co’m offers a course “Become a trainer, create your training organization and digitalize your offer” in 7 modules. Depending on your needs and the modules chosen, the course can vary from 2 to 12 days.

Create your training organization and become a trainer

To become a trainer, the first step is to obtain your training organization activity number from the Directte. In order to register your training activity and obtain your registration number, you must have carried out or at least contracted a first training action.

create your training organization

Be careful to respect all the rules concerning the various documents framing the training (training agreement / contract, pay slip, certificate, etc.) so as not to have your file refused. Take a look at the page showing the recommendations of the Directte here.

Whether you are a self-entrepreneur or manager of a EURL / SARL or other, you can become a trainer, no specific legal status is required. However, there are many obligations to know about training.

Training is a highly regulated activity, be careful not to do things lightly and to properly frame your training services from the start.

We have created the first module of our training course taking into account all the obligations and all in a quality approach. The module “Create and reference your training organization” will help you see more clearly and start on the right foot with all the models of documents required for your training activity.

Once your activity has started, you will also have to set up a quality approach and register on Datadock.

And if you want to go further, you can also certify your trainer quality process with certifications such as ICPF & PSI.

The daily life of a trainer

Professional training is a very enriching experience, the daily life and the missions can be very varied whether you are an occasional trainer or full time.

Before even leading the training, you will be in contact with your potential future learners. At this stage, you will have to exchange views to better understand the training objectives, check that the prerequisites are acquired and direct the person to the most suitable training program, see developing a tailor-made program if necessary.

In this step, listening will be your main asset, having a business temper to make the person want to follow the training is also a plus.

Also in this audit phase, you will also have to guide your interlocutor through the various training funding mechanisms to help him in these steps. Depending on his profile (job seeker, employee of a small business, a large company, self-employed, entrepreneurs …) the arrangements vary. To be comfortable with this part, you can follow our first module of our training course.

Once the program has been established, you will also have to prepare your training session: setting up teaching tools, creating training materials, you will enter here in training engineering 🙂

And then we come to the nicest moment: training animation.

Here you will have to make yourself comfortable, lead, check that each participant achieves his objectives and also sometimes manage conflicts in the group. You don’t necessarily think about it, but conflict management is important too. Think practical, group dynamics and original animation such as role-playing so that skills are better acquired. For this part, this module of our journey can help you: “Design and deliver training effectively”.

Beyond the training itself, you must also be able to support the trainees in their training project, upstream, during but also after.

Your daily training center also leads you to promote your offer (the “Promote and develop your training offer” program can help you).

You may also be required to create elearning training modules for FOAD (Distance Learning). Here new skills are added such as the creation of videos or interactive supports. If this part interests you, our training modules dedicated to the digitalization of its training offer help you from the conception of your business to the implementation of your online sales strategy, of course by creating training in line.

And of course, it is not because you are a trainer that you should not train yourself, on the contrary!

To stay up to date, you must continue to train on your expertise but also on your skills as a trainer to understand the new teaching methods.

As you can see, it is very varied and depending on the structure in which you work, tasks can be separated into several positions: selling, developing, leading, doing administrative follow-up.

Get started! Become a trainer

I hope this file will have made you want to get started, the training and knowledge transfer activity is very rewarding. The job of trainer is a beautiful job, it can be a significant source of development for your activity. Get started, and if necessary, we can train you 🙂 Go take a look at our journey to become a trainer.

Finally, here is a selection of books and resources to go further on the subject.

Books and resources to get started

Book “The trainers’ toolbox”

trainers toolbox bookThe trainers’ toolbox (Dunod editions): this book will give you 72 tools to effectively run your training and much more. How to analyze a training request? How to design training? What teaching methods and facilitation techniques to choose to make trainees actors in their training? How to take advantage in training of the possibilities offered by digital? How to start and conclude the training? How to create a favorable learning climate? And more. Click here to find the book on Amazon.

Book “Trainer’s tool sheets”

trainer tool sheet book Trainer’s tool sheets (Eyrolles editions): operational sheets, explanatory diagrams, advice and practical cases to better understand your activity as a trainer. This practical and experience-based book will help you define the content of your training, choose teaching methods and set up your materials effectively. Click here to find the book on Amazon.

Book “Trainer design activity and professional training”

book activity design trainer professional trainingTrainer design activity and professional training (Presses Universitaires du Mirail editions): after reading this book, you will no longer have secrets for training design. Click here to find the book on Amazon.

Government sites related to training

The Direccte website (Regional Directorate for Business, Competition, Consumption, Labor and Employment).

Défi Métiers, the site for training in Ile de England.