▷ How to back up your blog to an e-commerce site while maintaining the trust of your community? 2020 -

When you have an e-commerce site, you need to add a blog to it, for several reasons. We will see together how to link a blog to your E-commerce site while maintaining the trust of your community…

The first thing to know is that a blog can democratize sales and see it from another perspective.

Indeed, via your blog, you will be able to pass the message or messages you want through your articles, without necessarily having a salesperson’s speech. However, spontaneously, your visitors will be able to go and buy your products on your own store.

Let’s take a closer look.

Use your e-commerce solution blog

If you use Prestashop or solutions like Wizishop or Shopify, you have a blog available.

You are free to activate and power it.

Before using it, have a clear objective and a defined editorial line.

If you start writing an article and then nothing, your credibility takes a hit with your readers who will see that you are not active. This will influence the image they can have of you and your e-commerce store.

Very often, the blog script made available with your solution is installed in a sub-folder of the site. This creates a “Blog” tab that the visitor can find for information.

With a blog associated with an e-commerce store, you will establish your credibility by sharing your opinion on your products, the presentation of new articles, or even, what works very well, unboxing, in other words, unpacking article you are filming and showing.

The blog builds the confidence that the visitor can have, and plays an important role in their purchasing decision.

Thanks to the blog, you will federate your community and build trust.

A WordPress Blog in addition

If you are not comfortable with the blog available by default in your store, you can easily install a blog with the WordPress script, which you install in the subdomain on your hosting.

This is often a workaround that will give you excellent results, particularly in terms of SEO.

WordPress is a script purely and simply dedicated to blogging. This makes it worked and optimized to give you maximum return especially in terms of SEO.

Confidence that no longer needs to be demonstrated

A blog associated with your e-commerce site is the best way to:

  • Capture maximum traffic from search engines;
  • Bring your community to life and unite them.

Having a blog linked to its online sales site brings a real plus to your community which can get informed and learn with the articles that you share and sell.

You give yourself a good credibility with your audience but not only. You are putting all the odds on your side to get a good SEO and get organic traffic.

Indeed, the blog has this power to improve your SEO strategy and you can more easily use it as a traffic acquisition strategy and position yourself on many search engine queries.

A Blog immediately appears more “community”. This brings a certain confidence to your readers as well as a complementarity in the supply of information that he came to seek about your products for example.

The Blog is also a way to get closer to your community through writings that appeal to and appeal to your readers. You can also use your Blog to confirm your expertise in the field you operate.

As you can see, a blog gives confidence, a blog allows information to be shared, a blog provides additional information and finally, a blog allows to give its opinion.

If you operate an e-commerce site, adding a Blog will strengthen the links with your visitors.

An editorial line to keep

Linking a Blog to your E-commerce site is not a complex thing to achieve. On the contrary, today with the solutions offered, in a few clicks generally your script is installed.

The most complex but the most unifying with the Blog is to keep an editorial line.

It’s a great way to not only keep yourself writing content for your readers on a regular basis, but also to nurture and make this part of your site “live”.

You must constantly bring in interesting content that can sometimes supplement the information that a future client has come to seek.

By sticking to animating the blog, you will have a big recognition with your community, but also from search engines.

It should not be forgotten that the interest of the Blog is twofold. By keeping your editorial line, you will bring content with keywords. This will also allow you to position yourself on long tail requests for example.

If today you have an e-commerce site, you know what you have to do.

Put the odds on your side to attract even more visitors, confirm your expertise, reassure your future customers … and improve your SEO, all with one goal: to teach you how to increase sales in your online store.