▷ Quick and easy tutorial! How to create an inbound marketing campaign with your emails? 2020 -

Email is the first communication channel of a company. Multiplying the impact of your communication on all emails from your company is an interesting web marketing lever to exploit. Discover our tutorial to broadcast your campaigns on the emails of your employees in just a few clicks!

1 / Manage the email signatures of your employees

signature email collaborator inbound marketing

The email signature is a communication channel with a real human dimension. It is supported by the best ambassadors for your company: your employees.

Using a mail signature management and synchronization tool allows you to harmonize 100% of your company’s email signatures in just a few clicks. With Boost My Mail, the primary user can customize the company’s email signature and schedule email campaigns for colleagues. With a clickable banner in the signature, the company can thus communicate easily on its news: sharing an event, announcement in preview of a product launch or promotion … the field of possibilities is endless.

The objective is to assign the right content according to the business teams (commerce, customer relations, support, HR, etc.). The more the campaign matches your employee’s job, the more impact it will have.

2 / Create your inbound marketing campaign

If the email is heavily used professionally, its marketing potential is still too rarely exploited. Using inbound marketing is a good option. At the start of the sales cycle, we will opt for a content strategy aimed at familiarizing your leads with your brand and your expertise: invitation to participate in an event, download a white paper, read an article on his blog, etc.

It is necessary to vary the banners as much as possible with more push communications, such as promotions, product launches, etc. The goal is to create personalized contact with your recipients while promoting your brand and your expertise. At the end of the sales cycle, the email signature will offer content that aims to build customer loyalty or provoke word of mouth. As an example, we can cite a video to share, a link to a sponsorship offer, etc.

inbound marketing signature mail campaign

3 / Synchronize your advertising campaigns via email signatures

Follow the guide below to add an email banner to your signature by logging on Boost My Mail. A trial version is offered on the email signature and email campaign creation module for 14 days:

  • Prepare the visual of your email banner in 600 × 150 pixel format (width x height) and save it on your computer.
  • First, choose an email signature template on the Boost My Mail tool and customize it.
  • Then click on “Create” in the “Email Campaign” tab of the home page.

boostmymail email campaign

  • Click on “Download banner” and select the desired file

boostmymail email campaign

  • To finish :
    • Give a name to the campaign;
    • Fill in the re-direction URL so that your banner is clickable and links to a dedicated page;
    • Schedule the campaign by specifying the broadcast dates. Check the “Default campaign” box, if it is a generic campaign. This will appear if you don’t have other active campaigns;
    • Then, link the banner to the collaborators of your choice by selecting one or more groups;
    • Click on “Save”.

You now have all the method to create your campaigns on the emails of your employees!


Email campaigns on the emails of your employees are a great alternative to emailing. Their opening rate is significantly higher than the average emailing opening rate. The trick to start: de-duplicate your newsletters by sequencing them into several clickable email banners. This saves you time in content production and multiplies their impact. Finally, give a score to each of the actions of your leads (click on a banner, download a white paper, etc.). Boost My Mail provides a dashboard to compare the click volume of campaigns. Ideal for making your email campaigns perform.

Article written in collaboration with Boost My Mail