▷ Take care of your business and let an email service provider take care of your emails 2020 -

Emailing can be a basic tool for your marketing and customer communications, but is it your main activity? Westwing’s Magnus Eén describes how online businesses can balance internal and external expertise …

DOTMAGAZINE: Why did Westwing choose to outsource transactional email to an email service provider?

MAGNUS EÉN: I arrived at Westwing about four years ago, and it was decided a few years before my arrival. But I think the decision was made at the time because we had no tracking or statistical tracking on our transactional emails. That was the main reason, in addition to not having internal responsibilities, because we did not have the resources at the time to deal with this.

Sending transactional emails requires the same technical configuration as sending grouped emails and it is therefore not very logical for us to configure everything internally in order to use it only for e- transactional emails.

DOT: Have there been any concerns regarding the outsourcing of transactional emails?

EÉN: I think this is the same main reason why we continue to outsource our transactional emails: to avoid a lot of efforts on our side with minimal gains.

DOT: How do you work with your email service provider in terms of reporting? Do you have a well-defined hierarchical structure?

EÉN: Not really. When it comes to tracking, we do it 100% internally. We receive all the tracking data, of course. But on top of that, I think we are a special case, because we also download the log files from the mail server directly from our service provider. This allows us to build very detailed reports on delays, postponements, etc. In fact, it is only when we have problems that cannot be controlled by ourselves that we should come into contact with them. Now we have a good relationship with them and that is usually not a problem. But for reporting, we do everything in-house.

DOT: If a company doesn’t want to invest a lot in special resources, would you recommend that the email service provider do the reporting for them?

EEN: That’s right. Most messaging providers these days have deliverability reports because this is an important topic. It should be included to some extent in the basic essential services offered by all providers. I mean, just by looking at opening rates, etc., you could already know if something was working or not. So yes, I think having an email service provider solves a lot of these problems that you would have if you did it in-house.

Magnus Een was a speaker at this year’s CSA summit. For more information, visit: summit.certified-senders.