1 strategy and 2 actions to maximize the ROI of your Adwords campaign. 2020 -

Your Adwords ads are online, your keywords are well identified, you have well defined your budget and certainly you have imagined a so-called methodical approach which will allow you to profit from your advertising investment. However, I’m going to show you a strategy that has been carried out several times, well-honed and which has paid off, especially to maximize your ROI…

In my article I consider that the work before the implementation of an Adwords campaign, has been done (objectives of the campaign, the target, the choice of keywords, the means to measure your campaigns …).

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Start with a higher bid

Admittedly, I applied several strategies to start an Adwords campaign and especially the auction policy, but I finally opted for a strategy which consists in starting with a higher bid, closely controlled and then decreased according to the cost ratio / conversion, this strategy can allow you to identify the bid for each position and especially to start a campaign with a higher CTR, something that will allow you to improve your quality score.

A high quality score will allow you to be one step ahead of the majority of your competitors.

Certainly your initial investment will be more substantial but will be quickly recovered.

Exclude inconsistent words with your ads

First you have to understand that google assigns for each keyword a rating on a scale of 1 to 10, what is called the quality score. Google gives a low quality score to the keyword that causes an ad to appear multiple times without enough clicks.

A low quality score for a keyword can have a direct influence on its CPC, which can become more expensive compared to the price paid by your competitors, the low quality score for a word can even cause your broadcast to stop completely. ad.

You must regularly check how people find your ads, “use your Google Adwords interface, click on the menu – Keywords – at the top of the page then click on the button – Information on the keyword – which is above the keywords table “, you will have the list of words causing your ads to appear, this list will allow you to check the consistency between your ads and the words typed by Internet users, something that can help you understand why your ads are displayed but are not clicked (ad does not meet the expectations of Internet users and yet displayed)

Excluding the words that are not consistent with your ads and that cause them to be displayed would be a highly recommended action to improve the quality score of your keywords. To do this, “click on the Keywords menu at the top of your Adwords interface and then click on the” My keys “negative link at the bottom of the page”.


To understand, we will take the example of keyword “cloud backup”, for an announcement of data backup in the cloud, this announcement will be displayed if the user types the keyword “cloud backup”, consistency between the ad and the keyword will give your ad a better chance of being clicked. The keyword “Cloud iPhone” will also cause the ad to be displayed, of course, but I don’t think there can be clicks because there is no consistency between the user’s request and the ad (your ad does not meet the expectations of the Internet user), which can lead to a drop in quality score for the keyword “cloud backup”, so its purchase price will increase, consequently the ROI will decrease, or outright the ad will no longer appear for that keyword.

To you

Do you know of other ways to maximize the ROI of an Adwords campaign?