Do you want to master your digital communication and don’t want to be dependent on a service provider? Our webmarketing training week is made for you. It is the assurance of developing a real web communication plan, of being well organized to be effective and of course of developing your business or that of your customers. Join us from June 11 to 15 for an intensive training session in small groups!

Web marketing training to be able to set up your own communication

SEO, Social Media … I created this week-long web marketing training so that you have everything you need to set up, then, a real acquisition strategy on the web to develop your business or that of your customers if you are a consultant.

The different modules will give you the tools and methods to be autonomous or, if you are communication manager, will help you better manage your providers.

Thanks to the results obtained, you will be able to develop your activity by improving your online presence. Do like Elodie, specialist in digital communication, who was able through training to offer SEO services in addition to its community management offer or Clément who developed the sales of his e-commerce without calling on a service provider.

Each of the modules can be taken independently, you can follow the entire week or opt for the modules that best suit your situation.

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The advantages of this web marketing training

  • All information and tools to be autonomous and efficient in its digital communication, whether for SEO, advertising or communication on social networks;
  • of the practical cases to better understand the knowledge acquired;
  • of the exchanges with a web marketing consultant with 14 years of experience, myself 🙂 During the week, I can also help you move forward in your project and your thinking;
  • After the training, you will also have access to a exchange group on which you can keep in touch with me and continue to ask your questions (a real follow-up, we won’t let you go after the training).

The program of the week

The webmarketing training takes place over 5 days (unless you choose only certain modules) in the center of Paris (Réaumur Sébastopol). You will discover how to manage the promotion of your products and services by yourself.

The program will start with fundamentals of web marketing during which you will discover the basics of effective communication. Then, the next 2 Days will be dedicated to natural reference, to understand and optimize the visibility of your website on search engines.

The 4th day will help you define and manage the social media most suited to your activity. Finally, the last day, you will discover how to activate your notoriety thanks to the phenomenon of positive recommendation from renowned bloggers as well as good practices in terms of communication on Linkedin.

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To know the complete program of each module, click on the links:

June 11, 2018> The Basics of Web Marketing

June 12 and 13, 2018> Fundamentals of natural referencing (2 days)

June 14, 2018> Set up a social media strategy

June 15, 2018>

Morning: Create and manage a Linkedin page

Afternoon : Communicate with bloggers


  • 1 or 2 days: 700 € HT / day
  • 3 days: 2000 € HT
  • Full week: 2500 € HT

Note that we have preferential rates for entrepreneurs / freelancers (-20%) and job seekers (-50%). Contact us for more information.

Taking charge of your training

Our training can be supported as appropriate by your OPCA, your company’s training plan, or even Pole Emploi.

They are referenced on datadock (for OPCA) and Kairos for the Pole Emploi. We can help you if necessary to see more clearly for your training rights, contact us!

web marketing training referenced Datadock and Pole emploi

Testimony: Oanez Le Berre, Communication officer

I followed the “SEO fundamentals” program which gave me an overview of the different stages of an SEO project. The method and tools transmitted will allow me to immediately work on my company’s SEO project, improve our visibility and better target our visitors.

I found the training, combining theoretical content and practical case, high quality! The training content is very rich and its format facilitates communication and rapid learning.

I’m very satisfied, it’s a 10/10 for this training. I recommend this training to all communication and digital professionals wishing to quickly and efficiently acquire the keys to control their SEO themselves and call on the right service providers when necessary.

Sabine Boisset, Brand Content / Storytelling Consultant

web marketing training testimonial sabine boissetI followed the webmarketing training over 1 week (including SEO and social media). Very satisfactory training to learn the rules of SEO. I particularly appreciated the fact that we are in a small group, which allowed us to get to the bottom of the topics and understand everything!

Before, ignorant, after frightened! This training confirmed to me how right I was to train myself but also all the work I need to do to improve my skills !! I will give 8/10 to the training!

Clément Flichy, entrepreneur, Gentille Alouette

Clement FlichyThe training gave me the tools to work on my natural referencing without calling on a service provider: what a relief! She brought me a lot as part of my professional activity, 48 information rich!

I will give 9/10 to the training and recommend it! I am very happy with the training. I loved the fact he could combine theory and practice in particular in the context of my activity. The content is very rich and of quality.

Further information

Date: June 11 to 15, 2018

Location: Paris Réaumur Sebastopol.