Why do you need a prospecting funnel?

Imagine you have a flaccid…

google loves me workshop banner


… And want to fill it with this wonderful content:


So you uncork your bottle and you quietly approach it from the neck of the flask to quietly pour the contents.

Quite quickly, you say: “Oh Sh * t! I put it everywhere! “

No matter how careful you are, you knock it over.

Let me emphasize an important reality: spilling his delicious Jack Daniel all over the table is the LAST thing you want.

That’s why you have need of a funnel.


The same is true on your website or business. Don’t you have a funnel? Do you think your prospecting is effective? Think again!

In this article, I’m going to share the funnel that 90% of businesses can use right now to generate quality leads at very very low cost.

It is a funnel in silo, that is to say that a company can operate several of these funnels at the same time.

I named this funnel: The Porkchop * Funnel. (Or “The ploy of the pork chop “In good French!)

The Porkchop Funnel

Tim, a 6 year old boy, likes to play with his dog. Unfortunately, Tim is so ugly that even his dog refuses to play with him.

To solve the problem, his mother tied a pork chop to him.

Immediately, the dog forgets that Tim is ugly and decides to play with him.


You are Tim.

Not in the aesthetic sense, but metaphorical.

Nowadays, people’s attention is the asset. To be able to appear on people’s radar, you have to know how to give them what they want.

You have to know how to give them a pork chop.

What is YOUR chop?

The funnel Porkchop is executed in 4 stages: identify your porkchop, find people who like your porkchop type, prepare your porkchop, make them eat your delicious porkchop!

Step 1: Designing a good pork chop

Pork is a capricious meat to cook. It must be cooked to perfection: a moment too long and it turns into an old boot.

Few are cooks who make good porkchops. When we find one, we are surprised. We tell ourselves “Wow! I didn’t know that pork chops could be as good! “

It’s the same in business where 99% of the content is bland and uninteresting. When you come across content that is well done, relevant and pleasant to consume, you say to yourself “Wow! If I ever need X, this is the company I’ll go to! “

To make this wow effect, you have to come up with something that your target market wants really.

Interview your current customers, survey your newsletter, ask questions on Twitter and Facebook. Your mission is to find a handful of information that people WANT to know at all costs.

Example: Training center.

You have a training center and you want to increase traffic. Your clientele is predominantly female and you know that many are registering to lose the weight gained during the holidays.

So your offer may be to offer people your 4 best weight loss tips for free.

It’s in step 4 that I’ll explain how to convert this prospect into a customer. For now, we have to start by finding the right people …

Step 2: Who will love your porkchops?

It all depends on your niche, your means of finding your prospects will vary.

Let’s say that for most companies, Facebook Advertising (especially remarketing) makes it possible to reach their customers fairly effectively.

Google AdWords is also a popular way to collect leads.

For our example, I think we can afford to target women between the ages of 25 and 45 who live within 15 km of your gym.

Example: Training center.

You make a Facebook ad that looks like this:


Try to respect the 20% of text required by Facebook!

Step 3: Prepare and present the porkchop

Once your advertising is in place, you need to make a page to accommodate hungry visitors. This kind of page is called, in good English, a landing page.

The goal is to make a page without navigation where the visitor has only one action to perform, that is to say to exchange his contact information in exchange for an enticing porkchop.

Example: Training center.

For our famous training center, the landing page should look like this:


There are several software to make this kind of pages. I personally use LeadPages since it is the most versatile (and most complete) platform, but you can take the service of your choice.

For more details, read my review on LeadPages.

Step 4: Eat the porkchop

Registering the person on your landing page should trigger a series of emails (called DRIP email marketing by us!).

In other words, you have to send an email every 3 days. The first email should be sent immediately upon registration.

I personally use Mailchimp, but you can use anything.

Emails should appear to be written manually from Gmail.

Click here to download my Mailchimp gmail template!

The purpose of these emails is to educate the person by gently preparing them for a final sales email.

Email # 1: The meeting…

In the first email, you should jump straight to the heart of the matter. The person doesn’t know you yet and has no reason to want to know who you are.

Start strong with your best thing! Stay informal, concise (about 400-800 words) and be friendly.

At the end of the email, at the bottom of your signature, add a small “P.-S. With a question and ask the person to answer you.

Here is an example of an email signature for the center:

Olivier Lambert
Nutritionist and Kinesiologist

PS Social pressure means that the best way to reach your goals is to share them with someone! So I want you to reply to this email by telling me 1) how much weight you want to lose and 2) how quickly!

[LOGO du centre]

The goal is to start a conversation with the prospect from the start and to differentiate themselves from other newsletters who often use no-reply addresses for their mailings.

It must be clear that this is a transactional email: that is to say 1 to 1.

Email # 2: We charm…

The person has the first email and, if you did it right, can’t wait to receive the next one!

Again, you put the sauce in it. Your thing is super good. The email is funny, easy to read and concise.

In this email you can talk a little more about your services or your customers to support the tips you give.

In the section “P.-S. Now is the time to drop some information about your business. Example:

Olivier Lambert
Nutritionist and Kinesiologist

PS If you don’t want to wait another second before losing all those calories, come take a look in my center (with a hyperlink on “my center”)!

[LOGO du centre]

The cool thing is that with your email management tool, you are able to identify the people who have clicked on the link … If these people do not convert at the end of the series, you can restart them individually!

Email # 3: We are teasing…

The last email where we give stuff to the person. No matter what you promised them, you must have delivered the goods by this point.

Try to prepare the ground for your sales pitch. For the example of the gym, it would not be foolish to say that people are 65% more likely to reach their goals if they are followed by a coach.

In the P.-S. section, you must tell them that you have a surprise for them during the next email.

Email # 4: Home or home?

This is where the action takes place.

You make a good old hard pitch, no compromise, no hesitation.

You offer an offer that they cannot refuse: 50% discount on their subscription, 3 free sessions, free consultation, etc.

Use the AIDA method: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

The 4 tips you just received are excellent and I am convinced that they will help you lose your few extra pounds.

However, if you want more, you MUST do more.

It exists a way for you to have more energy and to be really fit.

It exists a way to have firm buttocks and abs in hell.

This way is to train and follow my program.

85% of my clients exceed their targets in less than 3 months and I am convinced that you too can exceed your objectives.

I honestly want to see you achieve the results you want so much, that’s why I offer you 4 free sessions. No commitment required.

You have until February 16 (7 days from today) to come and see us. You only have to give your email address to the receptionist and she will let you through.

The address is 5555 Cartier Street, Montreal, QC, H2H 1X8.

If you have questions, call us at 1-555-555-5555.

See you soon!

Of course, these people remain subscribed to your newsletter. Whenever you have a blog post or promotion to advertise, you can contact them by email.

What is the cost per acquisition?

On average, you can expect statistics similar to this:

  • € 0.10 per click.
  • 25% conversion on the landing page.
  • 5% conversion on the series of emails.

This makes a CPA (Cost per acquisition) of 0.40 € per email address and 8 € per new customer.

Some campaigns cost more, others less. It all depends on the industry and the competition.


In this article, you have seen my most profitable web strategy so far.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below! Have you ever tried something similar? Do you have any other ideas to add to the PorkChop Funnel?

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* Sorry for the abuse. Porkchop is, in my opinion, the most pleasant word to pronounce… “PorkChop! “