10 brands that rocked the Facebook algorithm last week 2020 -

Like every week, we have prepared for you a top 10 of the best publications published on Facebook by brands. Which brands have spawned Facebook’s algorithm? The answer in this article !

Last week was marked the Day of the Book, the start of the Printemps de Bourges and the Day of the Dance. Have the brands taken advantage of these events to organize contests relating to the various musical shows to come from May? We will surely have some answers in this top 10!

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Like every week, thanks to our Social Media monitoring platform, we offer you the list of branded content that has been the most interactive on Facebook. 10 contents were selected for their interactions (likes, comments, shares) from a panel of more than 1,000 brands sharing in French.




On the occasion of the French Days which took place from April 27 to May 1, Cdiscount organized a competition with quite special mechanics. Indeed, you had to be the last to comment during the draw to win a Nintendo Switch pack. And the least we can say is that the fans of the page were ready to do anything to win the sesame. 130k comments, just that!



O’Tacos celebrates its presence in more than 175 different places in England and around the world by staging its flagship product on the most beautiful avenue in the world. Deploying its local presence on Facebook is a reflection that many brands are asking.



After the savory, O’Tacos launches out in the sweet with its new game O’sucré. Something tells us that it is already a guaranteed success and more than 46k people agree with me!



After last week’s baby giraffe and baby elephant, Easyvoyage is surfing on what works best at the moment: animals! And we wish a happy birthday to Fatou, the oldest gorilla in the world who celebrated her 61 years. Retirement soon?



Spring + Annecy = love at first sight. Yes, the city we call the “Pearl of the Alps” just as beautiful in the sun as in the snow!



This week, we are walking in England. After the Alps, we go to Auvergne where Spring truly transforms the landscapes. We no longer know where to head with all these beautiful French regions!



O’Tacos is omnipresent in our latest top 10. The brand very often uses urban influencers by challenging them to the “Gigatacos contest”!



It’s been a long time since we’ve seen an automotive brand in our top 10! You must have heard the famous question “When do we get there?” “. For Volkswagen, this question is impossible to imagine when driving this featured vehicle. In this case, it is even the opposite, we would like to stay behind the wheel as long as possible and it is only sharing more than 28k people!



This week, Cdiscount innovated on the mechanics of contests. We all know by heart the contests where it suffices to comment, like and / or share the publication to be part of the draw. After the rule of the last winning comment which allowed the brand to generate more than 130k comments, Cdiscount organized a contest where it was necessary to mention this time a person with one of the first names from the list above. Admittedly, this game produced 10x fewer comments, but this game allows the brand to appear 2 times in our top 10 of the week!



Central and eastern England are in good shape this week. After Annecy and Auvergne, we are going to Lyon to close the ranking of the week with this photograph of the Fourvière, the highest point in the city. One thing is certain, the sun is indeed back everywhere in England and it is not ready to leave, for our greatest happiness!