10 brands that rocked the Facebook algorithm last week 2020 -

Like every week, we have prepared for you a top 10 of the best publications published on Facebook by brands. What brands have made Facebook’s algorithm rock? The answer in this article !

Last week was marked by the Cannes Film Festival and the cinema release of Deadpool 2, among others. Have brands taken advantage of the exit from the red carpet to imagine posts around movie stars? We will surely have some answers in this top 10!

Like every week, thanks to our Social Media monitoring platform, we offer you the list of branded content that has been the most interactive on Facebook. 10 contents were selected for their interactions (likes, comments, shares) from a panel of more than 1,000 brands sharing in French.




20,000: this is the number of comments generated during a contest organized last week by Cdiscount. ? The brand hits hard with a nice gift as a trip for 2 people to Guadeloupe was at stake! Enough to enjoy the summer vacation for those who went there at the last minute. ✈



Cdiscount is a double hit this week with a second competition which made it possible to win the latest iPhone. ? The rules of the game could not be simpler: it was enough to mention the first person who appeared by typing @. A rather original way of being able to perhaps mention a person with whom the Internet user is not that close!


A high quality image, mountains, a sunset: Easyvoyage has found the 3 ingredients to move its community! ?



Have you tried the Zip Line yet? Jetlag invites us to discover the largest in the world which has just been inaugurated in the United Arab Emirates. ?? Some figures that could make you dizzy: the distance is equivalent to 28 football fields and the maximum speed is 150 km / h. Enough to enjoy the desert and have your dose of thrills for the year! ?



When nature and animals live in perfect harmony: this is what Easyvoyage wanted to convey through this video where we see a herd of deer across a turquoise stream. ?



We were starting to wonder if O’Tacos was going to be in our top 10 of the week for the first time in months. The answer is obviously not! The brand is not lacking in creativity and has produced a short film worthy of the greatest Hollywood productions (well, ok, maybe we are exaggerating a bit?). The product is always put in situation as here with a scenario at La Casa de Papel, the series which hits the headlines on Netflix. ?



A video in mobile format, you had to dare. But this is the winning bet that the Savoie Mont Blanc page took this week. This video shows us all the activities you can do in a day near Lake Annecy.



After O’Tacos’ reference to the series “La Casa de Papel”, the CM of the Auvergne Tourisme page wanted to play it patriotic with this pun on the French series “Plus belle la vie”. We can only adhere to this view …



The Calanques of Marseille, or how to post a postcard decor to tease the summer holidays. ?



Nothing better than closing this top 10 with a new one, namely the Pandora page. And the least we can say is that the page makes a remarkable entry with a type of post that we are no longer used to seeing. Indeed, the CM has created a photo album listing the best creations of bracelets. With more than 13k reactions, we can say that it is a more than successful album! ?

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Thanks for reading. See you next week for a new collection of the best Facebook posts, sorted for you.