10 essential tips to achieve your goals in 2018 - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
In this year we have had the pleasure of accompanying you in this blog week by week, with tips, product news, or marketing or business ideas to grow your company. Arriving in the last days of 2017, and with 2018 eager to go out and look at us, it is a good time to take stock, and review how you are positioned in each of the business areas.

In CWT Advertising, we review divided into 12 areas, some of our articles, to be a starting point to think about what you can improve in this year to come.

1. Web Design

Web design trends change continuously, and it is imperative that your site follow them to be modern, attract your visitors and promote your conversions. In CWT Advertising in this 2017 we make notable changes in the speed of the platform, knowing that one of the main factors for the success of an online store is to provide an excellent user experience

One of the new features that we incorporate in 2017 that our users have used the most are the animated cards. We recommend introducing you to its use here

2. SEO

There is a lot of talk about SEO, that is, the techniques to appear in the top search engine positions. Becoming an expert is not an easy task. This year we publish several articles about it, from how to use Google Search Console, to positioning tips. You can check them here

3. Shopping Cart

Online sales, as we tell you in our article “Everything you need to know to get the most out of your online store”, grow year after year both in volume and quantity of transactions, so have a shopping cart It is essential within your sales strategy.

If you are starting with your virtual store, we recommend this article about how to highlight products in your cart

4. Emotional Intelligence

You can have the best idea, the means to carry it out, and all the technical knowledge. But there is an essential additional factor, which is emotional intelligence. Its lack can bring down the project with a future, and its development can lead to successful ventures that do not have everything in favor!

In our blog we have written several articles about this fundamental theme, such as the main ghost that can lead to failure of your business

5. Sales

You can perform great marketing actions, have an excellent SEO and a beautiful website. But in the case that your company makes sales “in person”, the brilliance of all those aspects is useless, if your salesmen fail in the commercial closing

We share this note on, 7 ways to impact your customers, that encourage their purchases

6. Payment Methods

And if we talk about selling, we definitely have to charge! In our shopping cart we have several options, such as MercadoPago, or TodoPago, for you to incorporate into your website. In times where more and more possibilities are added for payment in installments by credit card, we tell you how to show them in your online store

7. Web Analytics

Web access statistics are exciting and are undoubtedly essential for the growth of your page traffic. But … the amount of data to analyze is very large. Where to start What information to consult, why, and for what?

In this post of web analytics for beginners, we seek to guide you about “learn to look”, in addition to a glossary that will undoubtedly be useful.

8. Local SEO

We have already talked about SEO and the knowledge to appear well positioned in search engines. But if you have a physical store, it is essential that you perform “Local SEO” actions, so that Google knows where you are, what products you offer, and what time you attend, and in this way make the people closest to you find you. If you are in this situation, in this article about Google My Business that we published in May you will have essential information to have more clicks, and more conversions.

9. Social Media

Nowadays it is practically impossible to run a successful business if you do not have a strong presence in social networks. We have talked about the subject in numerous posts of our blog, such as how much we tell you the best actions you should take to succeed in social networks

10. How to carry out your projects?

Stand out and get to develop our full potential is something we all want.

Specifically this year in Argentina the “Law to support entrepreneurial capital” was passed. During this year we anticipate what it was, and we updated the article with the latest news. If you want to be aware, you can know more about The Entrepreneur Law here
It has been really a pleasure to have accompanied you this 2017, and we take this opportunity to wish you a great 2018, both professionally and personally, which undoubtedly always go hand in hand!