10 final steps to achieve a website of excellence - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
You have surely done a great job with your website, and you are proud of it! Before finalizing, we advise you to review this list of tasks, as there are some details that will help you even more to perfect your site.

1. Customize your footer

In CWT Advertising you have the possibility to detail the text that you want to include at the bottom of your pages. Include a Copyright, Terms and Conditions, etc.

2. Adjust the colors

CWT Advertising templates are made by expert designers, who take care of every detail looking for an elegant display, and ease of use for users. But anyway, it is possible that you want to adjust a background color, modify the appearance of your brand logo, or other possibilities.
For them, go to “Design-> Basic Edition”. A screen like the following will appear, and there you can make the customizations you want.

3. Configure your social networks

Having links to your social networks is very simple, since the CWT platform automatically includes it at the bottom of your pages. You only have to indicate the name of each one in “Configuration -> Contact Information”

4.Check the texts of your website

Before moving on to the rest of the tips, it’s a great time to review all the text on your site. Any errors that appear will give a negative image to your brand. Tip: Ask a contributor or friend to do their own review. You may have seen a word a hundred times, and you have missed something or an error or missing accent that someone else might find on the first reading.

5. Test your forms

CWT Advertising allows you to incorporate different forms to your website. The Contact Form is already 100% ready for you to add it in seconds. If you have made another personalized form, we recommend that you test it more than once, to make sure that it is easily understood, and that you are requesting all the necessary information (no more, no less)

6. Check the location and texts of the “call to action”

CTAs or “Call to action” are called to action, to encourage your website visitors to take an action that you expect, whether it is to leave their data, see your complete catalog, or access a specific page of your place.

Make sure that the CTAs are in the right places, that the buttons are eye-catching, and especially that the texts invite action, without forcing it. That is, avoid messages such as “Click here”, and instead promote others such as “See more”, “Continue Reading”, or similar.

7. Apply Instagram-like Effects to your images

Even when you consider that the site is ready, there are some details that will take you very little time and will make it even more beautiful.

One of them is applying Effects to images. To do this, edit each of them, and try the multiple filters that CWT Advertising has, and you will surely find one that you will love!

8. Deploy Videos

Videos have the power to immediately attract the attention of your visitors, and can generate an excellent impact on your online store. If you already have a video of your products, configure them as shown in the image. You can also generate them yourself, and thus show a working product making an excellent impression on your visitors.

9. Animate your texts

Your website is almost ready! We advise you before making it known to the market to try text animation. It will take you only a few moments, and if you consider it to your liking, you will achieve a more striking and dynamic website.

10. Create your email accounts

Finally, remember that your CWT account allows you to have email accounts for each of your sectors or employees. Enter “Email Accounts”, and create them there.