The days go by and look alike in a flawless but essential routine lately. However, this represents a real opportunity to get started in optimizing the natural referencing of your website, we tell you why!


In 2020, get started in optimizing your natural referencing!

1. Time is your best ally for sustainable referencing

If you once opted for efficient paid ad hoc punctuality on certain keywords of your activity, why not consider today position yourself in a more sustainable way on these keywords but also all the others that revolve around you? Natural referencing (SEO) takes time, not only in its establishment, but also in obtaining results. If your actions are carried out in the coming weeks, you will be able to visualize the feedback during the resumption of activity and thus understand the functioning of each piece of this great puzzle that is SEO.

Trainer training

2. Routine is your doctrine

What could be better than a period of extreme routine to develop good habits? This regular rate is the key element in creating backlinks (quality external links that redirect to your website (cf. 10 essential techniques for creating backlinks). Links must be created at a regular rhythm to be part of a natural approach. We therefore have a daily meeting to find the sites most relevant to our activity and thus create links over the weeks. However, be careful not to create too many link creations simultaneously so as not to risk a Penguin penalty.

3. Content creation finally lands on paper

You never had time to write the content of your site, to clarify your offer, to create texts adapted and useful to your audience? It is time to ask yourself and think about your activity and how you want to position yourself. It should be noted here that an optimized text contains between 600 and 2000 words. If this seems tedious at first glance, it will not be the case because it is a question here of your activity, your business, your vision on the short, medium and long term. In the context of this writing, however, remember to avoid certain pitfalls.

4. It’s time to take stock

Take the few weeks that are looming on the horizon to make a precise point on your website and its areas of improvement, on your competitors and their positioning around you, on the research carried out by your prospects and customers and the terms used. If you know your activity at your fingertips, very often you do not formulate your content with the terms actually used on the main search engines. A SEO audit will be an opportunity to show you all these axes from a new angle and to bring you all the keys to succeed in your SEO optimization.

5. It’s time to do a full check up of your website

In order to allow your site to host a whole natural referencing project, it is imperative to add this item to your specifications for the web agency in charge of the redesign of your site. Indeed, if SEO forces you to make your site useful for the community, it also forces you to make the user experience as optimal as possible (site speed, mobile experience, 404 error handling and other dead links… ). So we’re taking a closer look at anything that penalizes your SEO and can be quickly corrected !

6. What if you take the opportunity to sort?

SEO has another often overlooked brick: images and everything around them. Who hasn’t dreamed of sorting this famous USB key and the photos of all the different projects one day? This period is an opportunity to select new photos of your achievements, choose the images that will be assigned to each main page of your site, and name them effectively using the priority keywords of each URL.

7. Competition has never been more frozen

Competition is more or less stabilized for a few weeks. If it is obvious that the cards will be redistributed, it is also obvious that it is necessary prepare for all these changes right now. So think about your new offer, how you’re going to adapt it, how people are going to change their search terms. Position yourself on the priority elements for the coming months and thus guarantee excellent visibility of your website in Google, Yahoo and other search results.

8. Calm as the best asset for long-term thinking

Starting your SEO campaign today is an excellent initiative to make your approach sustainable. Your thinking will not be interrupted as usual, you will adopt the right gestures and you will especially visualize all the time that a good SEO job requires. Once this time is well estimated, it will be necessary to judge whether it is necessary to delegate certain tasks or good of form.

9. It’s time to train in natural referencing!

Today there are multiple training online and therefore accessible from your home, especially in terms of SEO. Let yourself be guided and add this knowledge to your technical background. If it is not to carry out the referencing yourself, it will be a question of knowing the essential bases for the good follow-up of the delegated project. The training can be supplemented by tests directly on your site to visualize the impacts of your action in the short, medium and long term. However, do not hesitate to inquire upstream about the risks of improper handling of your website.

10. Because you always need a trigger for any substantive action

Have you never dared to start? This period is not only dramatic at the health level but also at the economic level, it is therefore necessary to take solutions in the long term, solutions which seemed to us too tedious to put in place. Taking the time to improve your SEO is doing the choice of sustainable development and place it within your resumption of activity, with all the changes that it will necessarily entail.