In the world of SEO, we meet everything and anything. SEO blogs abound and not all are created equal. Some SEOs have talent and others are less. The best are respected and their reputation is well established. This article is therefore not a publicity stunt for these referencers but a simple recommendation. It is above all about encouraging SEO beginners to follow consultants who regularly share their knowledge on the web

And we start with the old SEOs (hoping they don’t hold it against me)

Olivier Andrieu: at 52, Olivier is one of the forerunners of SEO in England. He has been working since 1993 on what he calls the “network of networks”. This SEO consultant is the creator of the site: He is also the author of numerous books on the Internet, including one very well known in the world of SEO “Succeeding with SEO” (4 editions published since 2008). This is the book to read before embarking on SEO!

Olivier Duffez: Today, this great SEO gentleman defines himself as an independent consultant and Google specialist. Olivier is the creator of one of the best-known platforms in the SEO world, I’m talking about the community portal Webrankinfo. This platform contains a directory, a forum and publications of news on referencing in general. SEO tools are also available to analyze your sites.

We continue with SEO enthusiasts

Laurent Bourrelly: SEO Rockstar (it’s not me who says it is written on his blog). Laurent is quite a character in the SEO world. By reading his biography, you quickly realize the extent of his skills. I highly recommend his blog where he broadcasts high quality SEO podcasts. Hopefully you can even ask him a question or two on Twitter.

Raphael Doucet: We stay in the same range with this new talented referencer. Raphael is notably behind the Visibility Live Camp 2012. The VLC2012 was one of the highlights of the past year. It was a virtual lounge where a host of SEO and CWT Advertising conferences were broadcast. His blog contains articles all more interesting than the others.

Bertrand alias Bertimus: He finished second in the SEO competition of 2012 (Sentimancho) but his site has made quite a buzz on the web ( The previous year, he was the organizer of the “Pandaranol” competition. For information, Bertrand started SEO in 2001 in the US. He is perhaps the most original / inventive SEO on the web.

Julien Berard: Expert in web referencing, Julien practices outside England, more precisely in Vancouver. This great SEO has his blog in French and English. He’s a fan of ranting but we like him. Julien worked for large accounts such as the Prime Minister’s site or BNP Paribas. His experience allows him today to be among the best in his field.

Marie Pourreyron: I needed a little feminine touch in a world that is absolutely not reserved for men. Marie Pourreyron is today the head of the company Altiref which brings more visibility to your sites on the Internet. Apparently Marie started SEO in 1997 with her first Meta tags (source: Marie is very present on Twitter.

Daniel Roch: the ultimate WordPress specialist. If you have a site on this platform and want to optimize it, I recommend its site: All the subjects are covered: from code optimization, to structure optimization, by the way by presenting the best plugins under this CMS, Daniel explains everything! If I add it to this list, it’s also because Daniel is an SEO specialist.

Two SEO Blacks Hat to finish

Paul Sanches: Member of the SEO black Out Team, this Black Hat SEO is perhaps the best in its field. Paul Sanches is an independent consultant expert in advanced SEO techniques. Along with three of his friends, Paul launched one of the most technical and one of the most renowned SEO training courses in the SEO world: this is the SEO HIGH Level.

Kevin Richard: Friend of Paul Sanches and trainer of SEO High Level, Kévin Richard is a BH trendy SEO. He has a well-known blog in the industry that should interest more than one (Delicious Cadaver). Today, Kevin is the head of a company called Cultivaref and his specialty is none other than e-reputation.

Of course there are others as talented and very well known but I could only mention ten in this article (I am thinking in particular of Alexandre Santoni (Keeg), Julien Jimenez or Sandrine Bertrand).

With this little list, you can start your SEO training with complete peace of mind and if you can’t find your way around, it may be because SEO is not for you.