Like every week, we offer you the posts of the brands that have performed best on Facebook!

Social Media Manager, CM and other professions who practice on social media know this, producing systematically efficient posts is an objective, but more often than not a wish rather than an achievable one. User feeds are saturated and the number of factors that come into play to emerge is as important as the chasm between allocated budgets and brand expectations. The competition is high, and it is in this sense that we propose to consult the branded posts on Facebook which have managed to pass the barrage of the algorithm.

Like the previous articles, I used our solution for managing the competitive environment on social networks, NukeSuite, to bring out the best performing posts on a pool of more than 1000 companies publishing in French. It’s up to you to get the insights you need to irrigate your content marketing on the social network!

If you missed my previous article, here are the branded posts that generated the most interaction last week.

To establish this ranking, I added up the interactions that each publication generated last week, to select the 10 best performing posts.

Here are the 10 most successful brand posts last week!


O’Tacos takes the lead in the ranking of top performing Facebook posts with a video produced by Insider and featured on the brand’s page. The video shows the making of “GigaTacos”, a calorie monster in the restaurant located in Brooklyn. A video that will have cost the brand nothing, but rewarded with 149k interactions.

Private trip

Private travel takes second place, with an album on the theme of snow in New York, generating 86k interactions. This type of publication is particularly popular with community managers in recent times, combining a video with three photos, creating content at the same time.

The brand takes the opportunity to benefit from the reach of the native format on its post, while speaking and pushing its travel offer.


Cdiscount is in the purest entertainment vein with a “meme” type publication by placing a banner on a video, using calendar events from its community. Here it is the difficulty of waking up during the week. A post that could be found on many Facebook entertainment pages, which generated 74k interactions.


If we can consider that the previous publication has little congruence with the offer of the company, this is not the case on the side of LDLC. The post presents the same characteristics of “entertainment”, but plays on the “gaming” codes with a Proust madeleine around “LAN”, that all high school students who are fans of video games have known. The seller of electronic equipment is therefore right in his target heart!

If the aesthetics of the publication may appear overloaded, systematically obtains large volumes of interaction on its contests. The mechanics of viralization of the content are respected and the editing is consistent with the spirit of the French gaming community.

We all have a football side – Crédit Agricole

If the competition is not of particular interest, it is part of a global logic, it is more interesting. Crédit Agricole’s strategy is unique to the banking and insurance sector: take advantage of sports partnerships to attack a communication vertical with a page close to the editorial strategy of the media. Crédit Agricole will thus have a committed community during the next Football World Cup.

Mc donald’s

When the community is a fan, there is no need to stir up households and display treasures of ingenuity. A polished photo post, and a controlled grammage of text, here.


A second “entertainment” publication allows Cdiscount to position a second post in the ranking. If the interest of the post can be discussed, this type of publication allows to maintain a high Facebook page rank and therefore a valid reach for publications pushing offers.

Savoie Mont Blanc

The “Marque Destination” plays a pre / post renovation effect for one of the emblematic monuments of the city of Annecy. Smart, inexpensive content with a strong interactional dimension that can inspire any brand in the travel world.


Easyvoyage closes the ranking with an extremely visual publication, stressing that Instagram is not the only social network where a beautiful photo can generate high volumes of interaction.

See you next week for a top 10 of the best performing brand posts!