After 3 years working on my own account I was able to test or experiment with different ways of organizing myself and here are the 10 tips that I would give to a person who chooses to become a freelance in the field of webmarketing …

1: Know your hours of efficiency and organize your work accordingly

Each person has their moments of high concentration … and others where attention is less sustained. For example, I am more in the morning and I gladly work in the second half of the afternoon. Between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., however, it’s much more complicated. The main thing is to know this so as not to start working on a demanding file at hours that are not the right ones. For my part, I organize calls or customer meetings at the start of the afternoon, to be sure not to nose around … Choosing your schedules is the great privilege of freelance!

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2: Working from home does not mean being available

One mistake that we all tend to make is to think of ourselves as multitasking. Since I work from home, I’m going to take the opportunity to launch a machine, tidy up the living room, respond to my spouse who wanted to tell me about the holidays… In the end, productivity takes a big hit.

Instead, prepare a minimum working space separate from your living space and refuse to do other tasks than those directly related to your professional activity. If your income already allows you, you can also distance yourself by working quietly in a coworking space!

3:Prioritize tasks in order of urgency AND importance

Everyone has their calendar and their emergencies, which are or are not really elsewhere. Who has not spent an evening sending so-called urgent documents to a customer and then waiting 10 days for a return? In the long run it wears out and the risk is that you will miss out on important tasks to constantly deal with so-called emergencies. Know how to prioritize and gain height!

plan your tasks 4: Know how to stop checking your emails / phone / social networks

To have maximum productivity, the ideal is to read and reply to emails only at certain times of the day: when you arrive at work, when you come back from lunch break and then around 5:00 pm for example. It is quite difficult to do in our activities, because many emails require a quick response to unlock a partner with whom we are working on a file for example. But focusing on a task and putting all non-urgent emails aside to respond to them all at once saves a lot of time. Try it, you will see!

5: Spend time on business

Prospecting is not the favorite activity of most freelancers. And yet, without regular revival of commercial activity, it tends to experience fluctuations that are sometimes dangerous for the financial balance. The secret is in the regularity: relaunching of contacts, mailing, new article on your blog … it is by advancing step by step that we make ourselves known and that we remain present in the minds of its prospects. Be regular and D-Day is what we will think of!

6: Network!

Ah the network! This magic potion to get out of any perilous situation and find opportunities on any occasion! Never underestimate the power of a network. Afterwork, meet-up, meetings at a trade show, site for organizing meals between professionals: the opportunities are numerous, so take some time for this activity.

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7: Continue to train

Please note, I’m not talking about paying for weekly training out of your pocket, but there are different ways to train! By that I mean training by taking a deep look at a subject to improve one’s knowledge and skills. A conference, research for an article or the preparation of a training are all opportunities to discover new things or to update your knowledge. And I don’t know if this is the case for you too but very regularly when I spend time on a subject I have the opportunity in the weeks that come to use it for one of my clients. Chance sometimes does things well!

8: Manage the administration well

Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by poorly kept accounting that must be started from scratch or steps to correct statements that have been poorly made! File things as you go and take a moment each week for paperwork.

manage the administrative

9: A day without? Make way for additional tasks

There are days when you don’t want to get started, and those days are particularly complicated when you’re freelance. However, regularity in work and in prospecting is, as we have seen, essential to get by well when you are on your own. If you are having a difficult day, put aside the usual tasks and focus on a subject that particularly attracts you: at least you will not have wasted your day!

10: Know how to take the air

It is less easy to cut back on work when you are self-employed than when you are an employee. But it’s nonetheless essential. Having worked several months on the water with a baby in my arms, I learned one thing: to never really stop, you get exhausted and lose efficiency. Take at least one disconnected week twice a year. Zero mail. No emergency. People will be waiting for you 7 little days … and will be delighted when you come back in much better shape!

And you, what advice would you give to a future freelancer?

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