10 tips for successful visuals in your social media strategy -

How to create a more visually appealing social media strategy? How to improve the design of your social networks and drive more traffic to your website? Follow these 10 tips …

1. Determine your priority

Think about the main element that you want people to notice in your visual first. What will your audience care about the most? In design jargon, this is called a focal point. Put it in contrast.

2. Start with templates

Use professionally designed visual templates as a starting point for using a tool like Canva or any other tools and resources to create images for social media even if you have no design experience. Of course, you don’t have to use templates forever. The idea is to develop the way of creating an attractive graphic and to learn the “rules” of design to grab the attention of your audience.

3. Choose 1 to 2 readable fonts to use consistently

Remember, your audience is looking for clues as to what to watch out for and it’s happening quickly. By using the same fonts over and over, you train them to recognize and remember your content.

Some basic rules:

  • Choose a primary font to define the text;
  • Don’t use too many fonts;
  • Choose a font suitable for the brand;
  • Never define large body of text;
  • Test your text on mobile.

4. Choose the brand’s colors and stick to them

Rather than following the latest trends or just picking the colors you like, use color for your visual identity, strategically to help you stand out and grab attention.

5. Create rules for the images you will be using

Again, think about your brand’s personality and figure out a few adjectives you can use when choosing images. To do this, ask yourself the right questions: will you use archival photography? Original photograph? Illustrations? What style? What mood do you want to convey?

6. Use relevant images

Choose the right image for social media. The more relevant your image is to the topic of your article, the more likely it is to grab the attention of people genuinely interested in that topic. The great thing about social media is that you can experiment with different visuals to see what works best. Because most people will miss most of your posts most of the time, it’s perfectly normal and even advisable to share your posts multiple times. Take the opportunity to experiment with different images to see what people react to.

7. Make sure there is enough contrast in the text.

One of the most common mistakes is placing text on top of a photo with virtually no contrast. To avoid it, you can:

  • Choose photos with very low-detail areas where text can easily be read when placed on top;
  • Use an overlay.

8. Air the image and text

White space is not necessarily white, think of a space between things. One of the best ways to enhance your designs is to pay as much attention to the areas around your design elements as to the elements themselves. Concretely :

  • Don’t push the text to the edge, give it plenty of room.
  • Line up design elements and create uniform margins.

9. Use the data

Check your data and analytics and analyze which tweets, pins and posts are performing best then ask yourself the right questions:

  • What works? Why ?
  • What is not working? Why ?

Then formulate a hypothesis and test it.

10. Ask for opinions

If you are unsure of your visual, do not hesitate to seek the opinions of your target audience. Facebook groups are great for this where you can ask questions like “What do you think of this design?” ”

Source: Conversion Minded