More and more people are working, at least a few days, from home. We give you some tips so you can organize your routine and your work space without distractions.

1. Dress every day as if you were going to an office. It seems obvious, but it is not. Many people work in pajamas or gym clothes all day. That you work at home does not mean that you take your work less seriously. You will see that spending a few minutes in the morning to dress neatly and comb your hair as if you were going to work at an office will increase your productivity and will help you take yourself more seriously. In addition, you should always be ready in case any unexpected meeting or commitment arises.

2. Create a daily and a weekly or monthly task list. Setting goals is a good way of ordering. Generally, when we work independently, it is difficult not to have a boss on top of us, to put pressure on us to fulfill certain tasks, because we can relax more. That is why it is good to have an action plan (better if it is in writing, obvious) in the long and short term. Write down every day the tasks you want to carry out before the end of the day and try to complete them to the letter. The same with your weekly, monthly or annual goals. This will help you organize and you will also be able to accommodate yourself and understand what are realistic goals little by little.

3. Organize an exclusive work space. If you have an entire room for office use, it is ideal. But if not, an empty closet can be converted into a desk or any corner of the house can be isolated in different ways. The important thing is to separate a space that serves exclusively for your work schedule and that interferes as little as possible with the rest of your life at home. You may even want to set up your own internet connection that is separate from the rest of the house, as you don’t want to be interrupted with slow speeds and lagging because your family is streaming a movie elsewhere. Alternatively, find a site such as https://www.satelliteinternetnow.com/ that offers satellite internet, as this will be able to cope with your new workload as well as your family’s screen time. The most important thing is that you DO NOT use your bed as a workspace. It is very bad for your posture and it will also take seriousness and desire to work. Not to mention that you will see yourself in the temptation to take a nap or watch TV at all times.

4. Designate a work schedule and delivery. Sometimes it is difficult to respect an exact schedule because, having the office at home, we can be tempted to check the emails every so often or, conversely, to do things at home while we should be working. But we must make an effort to stand firm and do everything in its time. If you have the office in a separate room, close it when the schedule is up and reopen it in the morning.

5. Close or silence social networks. Nowadays it is very difficult to stay isolated from social networks because most of us also use them to work. But I was clear about which of them are strictly necessary and the rest are closed or silenced (in the case of WhatsApp, for example) so as not to tempt you to check them every so often.

6. I had healthy snacks on hand. One of the bad habits that we can acquire working from home is to spend it eating all day! Total, we have the kitchen next door, we look for a coffee, a chocolate, a cookie. and so the list becomes endless. That is why it is also important to have fixed schedules or moments specially designated for lunch or to make a break. And ensure that the snacks we eat throughout the day are healthy: fruits, cereal bars, natural juices. We must make a selection of foods that give us energy during the day to work and that do us good health.

7. Take breaks. Being locked in your home all day (working or not) can be exhausting. That is why it is best to go outside, to the outside world, at least once a day if possible. You can do it as a break (go out to a kiosk or have a coffee) or at least, if you have a balcony or garden, have lunch outside at that time. It also serves to organize all your meetings outside your home, to change the environment. You can always meet at the other person’s office or at a nearby cafe or bar.

8. Take advantage of hourly flexibility. Working from home gives us certain benefits. One of them is that the routine can accommodate other commitments or unexpected programs that arise. While we said that it is important to designate and respect a work schedule, we must also take advantage of the flexibility that our own bosses give us: if we have a medical consultation or a parent meeting, we can always rearrange the agenda of the day. The important thing is to plan to be able to recover the lost time at another time.

9. Order at the end of the day. It is key to start every day with your small office in order: that everything is clean and neat makes you want to face the day. That’s why every day, when you finish working, take a few minutes to leave the desk impeccable. Then, there are aesthetic details that can also motivate you and favor concentration, such as nice fresh flowers or a well-thought moodboard.

10. Enjoy working! There is nothing cuter than working than you like. And while being independent can have its difficulties, we must see everything positive. So, take advantage and put music that you like while you work, buy cute useful for the desk, spoil yourself with some delivery Tempt you when you don’t feel like cooking. Do your best to make your situation one that makes you want to move on and give yourself small prizes and motivations when you achieve the things you set out to do.

  1. Do you work from home? Tell us what other strategies help you stay focused and enjoy your work.