10 tips to make live broadcasts and not bore your friends - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Currently, all users of Facebook with the recent versions of the application for Android devices or the iPhone you can use the function Facebook Live to broadcast live the most interesting of your daily life.

Don’t listen to the critics. That you are not famous does not mean that you should censor your artistic side or stop sharing what makes you happy or what you find fun.

You just have to think about things you like and would also like to see your contacts. You should not waste time on videos in low light conditions or conversations with friends that are boring for the rest.

The key word is to plan, think like a youtuber would do in each video, but on Facebook live and direct. No one knows when a star is about to be born.

To encourage you to create interesting content, we present these tips.

1. Create progress on your live broadcast:

So your contacts on Facebook may be pending and be more interested in what you will find in your live broadcast. They may even find more time to accompany you while presenting something to the camera on the phone.

You can also create expectation by offering data such as the place to be visited, what will be done and what questions will be asked if this is the case.

2. You must be creative not to bore:

With creative we mean thinking about events, events or activities that may really be of interest to your friends. It is not so much to broadcast a concert, if you do not talk to the leader of that band or group, for example. Better enjoy the show without the phone in your hand.

They can also be problems such as a protest (taking into account your safety), or sporting events. Even the media could pay attention to you and broadcast your content, for which you should always demand the credits that apply to you.

3. You can share the information you are learning at home, work or on the street, chatting with friends or teachers:

Create tutorials about a game or submit revisions to a collection object you buy. Nor discard food if you know how to prepare delicious dishes. Don’t be shy and share your skills, interests in books or sports. Just remember to speak clearly and with a good amount of light.

4. Appeal to authenticity: It is not strictly necessary to have a tripod and microphone to make a live. The transmission can be unstable, by hand, but make sure you have a good connection to Wifi or data plan.

5. Advertise your live broadcasts:

You can schedule tweets and messages on Facebook hours in advance so that your contacts are aware of what you will do. Don’t forget to write good descriptions about the live video.

6. You can repeat information:

It is possible to repeat data on what they are presenting because friends can join the broadcast at any time. It can be every 3 minutes.

It is also advisable to answer the questions in the comments while on the air.

7. You can add subtitles to give it more value:

When live videos are made, people cannot avoid listening to audio, but after the end of the broadcast, much interest is lost in hearing what has been spoken again. Therefore, it is advisable to create an SRT file with subtitles for those who prefer to read.

You can also create Facebook Live that does not require audio, such as live drawings, for example. Live writing can also work.

8. Consider the risks in the street when making transmissions: Thefts are frequent.

9. Use external batteries to ensure sufficient energy to perform the transmission.

10. Don’t forget to share your material and get other users to share:

Encourage people in the video to share what they see. You can also count on the support of your friends when disseminating the links.

Facebook recommends making 10 minute transmissions, but the tool allows up to 90.