10 tips to renew yourself as a business and franchise 2020 -

With the rise of the Internet and social media, we have entered a new era. In the past, mass communication was enough to attract new customers, built around product or brand advantages not always in line with the real needs of consumers. This time is now over! The modes of consumption and purchase have changed, thanks in particular to the advent of the Internet and the explosion of the amount of information available, it is no longer necessary to assert in front of consumers that we are the best, but rather make them think naturally. Communication methods have therefore also evolved. Agencies, and especially businesses must adapt to these changes in depth, in order to remain competitive and consistent with the expectations of their targets …

This is why we have written a white paper entitled “Shops and Franchises, 10 tips to renew” for merchants and franchisees to help them adapt to this change, and therefore renew their way of directing their efforts. marketing. Download the free white paper “Shops and Franchises, 10 tips for renewal” here.

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Different subjects will be covered in this white paper:

Changes in consumption patterns

In order to fully understand the communication techniques to be used later, it is important to know the context in which we find ourselves. Thus, we will approach the new consumption patterns such as the growing use of smartphones, or the development of new consumer buying behaviors, by presenting you their characteristics as well as their specificities.

Presentation of new communication methods

Creation of a website, writing a blog or even white papers, press relations, importance of smartphones … so many communication methods specific to Web 2.0 that we must know in order to implement a strategy of complete communication in line with the market in which the company operates. We will therefore present all of these tools to you, along with advice on their implementation.

Preserving your brand image

While using promotions to motivate consumers to buy your product may be a good solution, there are short-term benefits and long-term annoyances such as loss of value brand image. We will therefore show you more suitable ways to sell your products while preserving your brand image, in particular through inbound marketing.

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For franchise enthusiasts, and those who wish to find out more, Emova Group offers a white paper for “Everything you need to know about the franchise”. It traces in 15 key points, the most important steps to build a project and become a franchisee, for example: choosing your location, assessing the profitability of the business, successfully borrowing or managing your local communication. It can be found directly on the Emova Group website.