10 tips to take the best pictures for your website - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

If you love to take your own photographs, or if you still do not have the money to hire a professional or photo agency to make your product catalog or the covers of your social networks or website, we invite you to read these fantastic tips that They will teach you how to take excellent shots with your digital camera or with your own smartphone. Do you dare to create your own photo set for your online products? Do you want to portray the best moments of your office to share it on Facebook or Instagram? Know what you should keep in mind so you can put all creativity at the time of each flash.one – Light is one of the most important components of photography. If you are going to take photos of interiors, be careful with the shadows and the backlight that can enter through the window or natural light bulbs. Turn on the flash only if necessary and try taking your images diagonally to the item you want to highlight.

two- Try adjusting the sensitivity to 100 ISO. Currently, many mobile phones have the ability to make adjustments as if they were professional cameras.

3- For your group or work environment photos the most important thing is spontaneity, and really convey the warm and pleasant weather. That is why trying unexpected shots without structured poses may be the best option. If you want to make a more institutional image you can prepare the work environment and place people inside it without falling into clichés poses.

4- If your camera allows you use the diaphragm To accentuate or minimize the depth of field, configure All Focused (large f-numbers) or unfocused backgrounds (small f-numbers).

5- Take advantage of natural light To take amazing images. If you can place a light shade to soften shadows and that does not give full light to your image.

6- Use a tripod If you can to avoid photos moved or out of focus. You will also have better stability and sharpness.

7- To assemble the photographic set of your shopping cart, choose the products you are going to portray and a clear background where they stand out and stand out. Then take pictures of them in every possible angle to show all the faces of your products.

8- Take special care in post production and image editings so that they are correct in size and weight for your website.

9- Let your imagination fly and let it free, Since in these states it is precisely where better shots come out and more profit can be taken.

10- Have a habit! Like everything in life at first it seems that you can not get shots like those of professionals, and although a trained photographer will always be an expert in the field, it is not an exclusive condition to shine with your photos. Therefore continue practicing and portraying scenes of your office, events you attend or featured products, and you will see how little by little the quality of your images will be better, more attractive and efficient.

Famous phrases to inspire you

– “If your photographs are not good enough, it is because you are not close enough.” (Robert Capa)

“Photography is a tool to deal with things that everyone knows but nobody pays attention.” (Emmet Gowin)

“Be bold, be different, be impractical, be anything that ensures your goal and your imaginative vision in front of safe players, common creatures, slaves of the ordinary.” (Peter Lindbergh)

“The most important thing is not the camera, but the eye.” (Alfred Eisenstaedt)