Some have blogs in which they put crazy energy. They constantly post content with high-value articles there and say interesting things to their audience. And yet, even after five weeks, they have no visit except that of their cousin, their grandmother or their spouse …

Others, however, have blogs that receive thousands of visits. When they create content and publish it, their Google Analytics stats explode in minutes. Visitors flock like bees in search of nectar.

How do they get so much traffic? What is this little secret behind the dazzling success of their blog? Well, it’s very simple. They understood that time had to be spent promoting their content.

I know, you will tell me ” Steve just that?Yes, just that. Read this well, there are two times in managing a blog:

1 ° The editorial staff: the phase during which you wear the content creator cap;

2 ° Promotion: the phase during which you become a marketer. Your role ? Let as many people as possible discover your superb content. It would be a shame if only a handful of people saw your masterpiece.

One of the reasons people fail in their content strategy is the lack of promotion. They are not trying to give every chance of success to their blog.

However, whether you have a blog, a YouTube channel, and you produce various content such as articles, videos, infographics, tutorials or white papers and practical guides, if you do not devote effort to their promotion, you will have toiled for nothing. And I wouldn’t like to be in your place.

There is one rule you absolutely need to follow: spend 20% of your time creating your content and the remaining 80% promoting it. If you follow this rule, I assure you that you will succeed in your content marketing strategy.

Here’s what Neil Patel, founder of Kissmetrics and Hellobar says: “Writing good content isn’t enough. If you don’t market it correctly, you won’t see great results. So, spend 40% of your time marketing your content ”. What we can translate by: writing good content is not enough. If you don’t promote it properly, you won’t see great results. So spend 40% of your time promoting your content.

The point of Neil Patel comes down to this: “Without promotion, your content is condemned to die. “

However, I would like to warn you. There is a prerequisite to augur the success of your promotion strategy: very good content, a captivating and friendly style (it also depends on your audience), content tailored for a target and providing answers, and ease of reading .

Creating content is a fundamental step to make your content marketing a reality and it is necessary for your business. But promoting it is all the more essential since you’ve spent a lot of time generating this content. So why not give him the chances of success he deserves?

Here’s the mistake people make: After posting their content, they feel they’ve finished their job and stop there. How to avoid this error? You have to be proactive in promoting, and that’s what I’m going to describe to you in the lines that follow.

Publish on your Facebook page

If you have a Facebook page, now’s the time to post the link immediately after posting your content to your blog. Consider using to shorten your links to track clicks. You can rewrite the title of the publication and change the image if the title of your article is not suitable.

Share on your Facebook and LinkedIn groups

If you are registered with Facebook and LinkedIn groups, take a look. Very gently, make a nice comment on your article and put the link to your article.

Publish on Twitter

Just like on Facebook, post your blog post link on Twitter, but use a URL shortener with a utility like Also remember to rewrite your title so that the whole is 140 characters.

Publish your article link on your LinkedIn profile

On your LinkedIn profile, share your content with your many contacts. Put the link of your article and make sure the image is visible.

Send a newsletter by email

Your email base is the greatest wealth that you have, it is even a priority to exploit. And you must have read more than once: “The money is in the list”. Bêh… that’s true. As soon as your article is online, use your email contacts and write them a nice message. You will surely increase your traffic a few minutes later on your blog.

Send an email to your contacts

Your network is much larger than you think and you probably have CEOs, managers and other big names in your relationships. Why not email them your personalized article link with a quick note? They will say thank you one of these mornings.

Email influencers

If you mentioned an influencer in your article, they won’t notice it quickly enough. So take the lead. Rather than wait for him to find out for himself, send him a quick email stating that you cited it in your article.

Make a hashtag on Twitter with the name of the influencer you mentioned in your article

He will notice you and re-tweet your article in turn, which will amplify the reach of your promotion.

Use Facebook ad to sponsor your article

Today’s Facebook ad is booming. Do not believe those who say it should be kept away. I am not asking you to spend thousands of euros, but to do simple tests. Publish your article on your Facebook page, then go to the ad manager to sponsor an article. This will have a double advantage: firstly, all of your fans will be able to read your publication since the reach decreases more and more. Secondly, you will benefit from a new audience of prospects and customers. So, oops …

Comment in forums and other blogs

In addition to comments, put the link of your article in a smart way without looking like a spammer 3.0. And if you want to boost your content, here is a free guide with more than 42 tactics to promote your content.


Focusing on promoting your content is the best way to add value to your content. It will allow you to have more visibility and achieve your different goals. So stick to the 20/80 rule.

I don’t know how you promote your content, but I would be delighted if you would reveal your tactics to me. Are there some that end up in this article? Let us know.